NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 28

By MEENA ALEXANDER 8. Tarawad 9. Elemental You find this hard to believe: I am a creature of house and home Bound by a cord of blood— Wild grasses blazed, nettles turned Restore to the imagination Its correct borders via the ineffable. I write this In my notebook. Their stalks to the setting sun. I was born to a house with red tiled roof, Courtyard where sunbirds drew Glittering beaks across mulberry bark, Nothing happens. See what we have done to water? Even fish brains have Prozac You whisper. Pond where koi crawled Then shot into light, circling The mouth of the lotus bloom. House of mist and stone, Unseen umbilicus That tethered me Even as the ocean Swept on and on. Going, going, gone! Someone banged the gavel. Hearing the house was sold She lay down in the mango grove And stopped her eyes with stones, 10. Paysage Out of the belly of stone India pours, Wild grass is torn From its roots. On bare rock Your face is etched in shadow. Is this what love does— Sempiternal marking? Crazy girl, inconsolable! Where is she now? Where is the path where laburnum Dropped its liquid gold, Casurinas flashed green needles into flints? Jamun and jacaranda trees chopped. Down into the hole He went the priest in white robes Singing praises To the Lamb of God. Tor of fragments, Blunt pinnacle of longing What becomes of houses torn down? In the room where she slept Milk trickles Syllables swarm, lacking a script 26 Door jamb stuck to emptiness, Threshold split from walls. BRN-FALL-2013.indb 26 9/13/13 12:47 AM