NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 163

BRN-FALL-2013.indb 161 “Damn her!” he hissed as he sat with his head in his hands. Kwame stared desperately at the blank slate of his mind, wishing he could turn back the clock to that glorious day on the beach with Anyika. By and by, time and space melted into a thick black cosmic soup inside his head. Then after a long, lost time a bright wormhole began to slake its way through the blackness until it filled up his whole head. That’s when he discovered that his desk, that humongous monstrosity that had sat solidly in front of him just moments ago was no longer there, that the chair beneath him had vanished along with the room itself, even his own body. Gradually, he became aware of the sensation that he was free-falling in space, that his body was absolutely weightless. He was only aware of the tide-like rhythm of his breath, like the surge of ocean, ancient and infinitely deep. He had never been so still, so aware of his formlessness as a torrent of thoughts melted into the primordial soup. And yet he still felt the warm blood pulsing through the palm of his hand where Anyika had squeezed it as she left. ABRA-KA-DABRA! And there they were, as if sculpted out of the blackness framing the silver screen of his mind. It was he and Anyika lounging carelessly on H??H?Z?H[??[?ZZ?H?[??H???\?[?[??[??[?]?\?Y??H?X]]K?^H?\?H]Y?[??[???\?[??XX??\??\?Y???[??Z?Y ?[??H??H?Y?]????]?[\?X[???[??X]?H?Y\??[?ZZ?H[?Y\??[??Z[?H?[?B?]?]??YH?[H??[YH????] ???\?[??\??]??[???Z] ???H??X[YY[??[??HZ?K?[X?\?[??[H?]?\??Y\???[Y\?[ Y?Y[??]\?\?^H][?Y?XX??\?Z?H?[?[?????P???S?RT??S??H??T?B??HY[[?H?[??[??Y?\???YB?\???[YH?[\Y??[?\???X?B??Z\?[???[??Y]\???? ?]?\?]Y?H[?ZZ?x?&\?????X???[?]Y?\?X\??\?]\??B??]]?Y[?Z?H??HH??[[??Y?XKH?Y??]\?K??HZ[?]B?[?x?&\?H?\??[??[?H??[??\??H?Y??[?H?^Z[?]H[?x?&\?H?X??YB??M?B??[?ZZ?H?^?Y\??[??H]\???Y[?8?&\???X?\?[YX[??\?H???]B??]\??&\?Y?K???[??\]H?[????[YH?\?[X^?Y]H??[?]?H????[?][\?^H]??Y?[[?[??[?x?&Y?\???[\?Y?[K??Y[?K\??X?H????H?[?[??H??Z\??[?[?H??^H?]Y?\???\?Y?]?[x?%?X?]\?H\?[YB?H??[X\?Z\??YK\???[??]\?X?]?\?\?Y?x?&Y???]YH?]????[??]?X\??\?H?[??&H?Y?[??]H?Z[?Y???[K???[?H??\?\??YH?\?X\?Z?HB??YKY?[[YY?[???H[H?Z]\???H?[H?[??&\??^\??Y\[??Y\?[??\???[???$??K?\??\?X\?8?%??\?Z[??[H???HH[??YH?] ??H?\?\?[?[??[?H[?[?H[??H]?\?Y \?X\??\?[??XX????Y?[??H?\??X??X]YY?B?\?H?[???[[YYHZ\?Z?HB????YH???\??Y\???[YH?[???X?H?]]Y?\?[???[??&]?? ??[????H??Y]?\?H?\???HX\??[?ZZ?x?&\???X?H?[[??\??[YH[??\??Y??YHH??????\???\??X?K?8?'??[Yx?)???[YK8?'H?H?[????'[?x?&\?H???[??x?'B??K?L??L? L??SB??