NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 16

Cooking In The Key of C-Sharp He realized that I really got it, empirically… and fast. As the giver of those gifts, he expressed delight at my adeptness in the assimilation of his brief but impressionable lesson. He seemed happy to play the role of mentor for such an eager student. Miles certainly observed the immensity of my gratitude and excitement about the new and creative wings that he had imparted, wings I now deployed taking flight far beyond my previous boundaries and limitations. This set a foundation that established and solidified our nine-year collaboration. On this day and during most of our time to follow, we related as convivial major third intervals… like the first three notes of the Sesame Street theme song— no dissonance—only harmony. Next I learned the other reason Miles asked me to come over early in advance of the other musicians. I had no idea that we would collaborate on another project that day, completely unrelated to music. Or I should say, at the time, I thought it was unrelated. Miles said to me; “So Bobby, I hear you cook a mean dirty-rice with smelts.” “Wow Miles… how did you know about that?” “Vince and Randy told me all about you in the kitchen. So what do you need to cook your dish?” “Well, I start with brown rice and while the rice is boiling, I sauté the onions, garlic, mushrooms, celery, green and red bell pepper. Then I add some diced carrots, broccoli and corn. After that, I put the cooked rice on top and mix it all in. And I season it with soy sauce and a little cayenne pepper.” “What kind of oil do you use?” he asked. “Olive oil or sometimes peanut oil.” “That’s good,” he said. “What about the smelts… how (do) you prepare them?” 14 “Oh yeah, I clean’um, remove the bone, open’um up and marinate them in balsamic vinegar. Then I batter’um in cornmeal, add oil on top and bake them on a cookie sheet. Sometimes I’ll add some garlic and onion on top. After they’re done, I squeeze some lime and add a little cayenne too. They come out like they’ve been fried.” BRN-FALL-2013.indb 14 Whenever the band rehearsed at Randy’s basement in Chicago, the group would buy the groceries so that I could cook what became, my signature meal. I smiled, surprised that Miles knew about my passion for cooking. “Damn that sounds good Bobby… I’ll show you my little secret trick that’ll make the fish melt in your mouth.” “Wow, I can’t wait!” “Here’s a hundred dollar bill,” he said, handing me the c-note. “I’ll call the limo ?]?\??Z?H[?H?H???\?B???K??]?]]?\?[?H?YY ?Z ]?YH[??X??]?]H?YY???HB???K???'B?Z[\??Y?Y??Y?H?X?[?]???Y??Y?\?]?[???Y^?\??[[?[?????[??[?\??]??] ???'??[?H?[???]H\?????[?H??&]???]?\?x?&\???YH\\??[?[??[8?)???[?H?[??]YH??YB?X[?]?[ ?[??[?YY ?\?X???\???^Y[??H\\?[[??[??[???]??[?]8?)?[?[?H?[??Y\?H?[??K??'B??'???Z[\??'B?]H???\?H??KH?\?\?\?[?Y??X\??]?Y[??\?HHZY?\?\???Z?H?\?[??????[\???]?Z[X?H[??]?[??[??XYH??Y????YH\??[??]?\? ??[?H?[YB??X???]H][\?Z[\?[Y[?Y???'X[?[?H??[\?H?X?H??\???Y?]X?\?[?[?[?H?]?[??Y???????YH??]8?&\?HX]\??]?[?H???O??'B??K?L??L? L?? ?SB??