NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 130

Inside, Outside: The Large-Format Drawings of Dudley Charles By ROBERT MAHONEY 128 To talk about culture as it relates to art today, I make use of a simple rubric developed popularly by Tom Friedman of the New York Times, in his book The Lexus and the Olive Tree. robert mahoney: The Lexus symbolizes the 21st century world of multinational globalist development, all industry and traffic, the urban sprawl, the population, we all live in it, we are all, for better or much worse, victims of it, maybe all of us will end being victimized by it. People who live entirely in the Lexus can be said to have been entirely modernized, and abide by the positivism and rationalism of this world. By contrast, the olive tree represents any remaining connections to traditional culture or roots. The traditional culture represents spirit beliefs, and involves magic and other irrational ways of magical thinking or superstition (as Westerners would call it). Or so the lines used to be drawn: now there is more overlap, more complexity, some even have theorized that much modern irrational behavior is reflective of traditional belie ??????X????\???X??[\?]]?H??\??]?H??[?]]8?&\?X?X[HX[Y\??Y[?[K?]?H?H???[?XX? ?]?H?[[??K?[?H??[???^B?]?\?[?H\?H??X?[?][??^\?[??]?H?YK[? [????\???[\?[?YH??[Z]Y?X?[?[???]Y??Y\?H??X?[?][??\??H?]??]H[?]?YX[K[?[??YB?[??????\X?]Y\??[?Y?\??????Q?S L? L?[?? L???B?Y^H??Z]  ? L???[?\??^?][?\[???]]?Y??\?[??Y?\?[?X?\?[?\[??Y??\?[?H?Y??\?[?[?K????Y^H?\?\?H??][?[?\????[?\???\^?]X][??X?]\?H]???Z?\?YH]]\??]\?[???[??Y?Z[??X??]?^X[?\?H[Y\?X?[???\? ]\??\?Y]H?\?H\?X?[\??[?\??X?[???[\?\?]Y?Y?H??\^]H???[ ??H??\?Y?Y?[?HY?]?[?[?H?Y???\?B?H^\?[?H?]?H?YH\?HZ^Y?\[?[?\?\??K[?\??[??\H[??[?\?\? ???K?L??L? L??SB??