NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 126

By ETNAIRIS RIBERA from First New York 2013 On the colonial film The wind blows without notice, anywhere in our city far beyond, The colonial film goes on for so many uncountable decades. We all talk without really saying anything, just the same talk without listening to what it is spoken, so distant, so far, alienated. In the deep Lower East Side, poor young women touch their breasts, watching the local handsome boys. They love to whistle with their legs wide open. The deep blues Coming of age while I’m still young feeling the blue note of the deep blues brings my leaves to fall too soon sometimes so early that I can feel solitude has moved into my space ahead of time. Deep as well I find myself lifting the flowers of survival and deeply hoping for the thought of the first rain of spring to come and swiftly change the feeling. Not a single robot misses his schedule in his lifetime or lies in peace. Not a single worker is joyful pledging allegiance to the unreal. Each flash is a memory of our true history, imprisoned history, or a poem that no one reads. Each flash is a myth about you that no one understands, written by an outsider, the scripts that are easily forgotten like a wicked man. 124 Such is the wind without notice, a kind of charming deadly hurricane at your front door. . BRN-FALL-2013.indb 124 9/13/13 12:48 AM