NYU Black Renaissance Noire Fall 2013 - Page 10

The First Hang on the Second Floor The first floor of Miles’ home featured stucco ceilings and walls with dark wood beams. Two stacks of Heineken beer cases decorated the otherwise unfurnished space on the brownstone floor. Empty green bottles shared slots beside of their virgin counterparts, exuding the perfumed evidence of a recent beer party, possibly attended only by the host. “The maid is off today,” Miles said, probably noticing me checking out all the empty beer bottles. I shrugged off his stealthy explanation as a spectator with no voice, suspecting this as being the normal state of his abode. I’d seen much worse, and besides many—including me—would climb down into a manhole to hang out with Miles Davis. “This is where we’ll rehearse,” he said. “You can let George Butler’s secretary Genevieve know what kind of gear you need. Make sure you get a Farfisa organ for me. Anyway, we can deal with that shit later. Come on let’s go upstairs.” “Wow thanks! Where is it from?” Pre-fitting for cement boots crossed my now overly active mind. Shh, quiet! I told it. “From Panama, if I’m not mistaken.” “Seven and a half for most shoes… eight though, for some gym shoes.” “Can I get you something to drink?” “Shit, I wear size 7,” he said, “gotta get mine custom made. Man… I could give you some real nice shoes. Hey, why don’t you try on a pair, just in case?” He seemed to know my taste for black suede. The European flare gave them sex appeal. I forced one onto my right foot: “Hmm… oh man,” I told him, “they’re just a little bit too tight... real nice kicks though. I really appreciate you thinking about these for me.” Now, like a child, ea ?\???[??\?^H?] \?^Y\?[?]Z\?Y[?XX??\?X?[?]\?Z[?Y???]B???Y][????[YH??]?HYK?B?]ZX??H\?\X\?Y[??H?X?????B?[??KY[Y\??Y?]HX]?H??]??Y?\?H]?]H?YKZ[???X??[???Y Y?X]\?Y?[? ?H^[?Y]??]?]??\?\???'\?H???x?)????[?H??&]]?HZ?H\?[?\??[?H?X[HZ?H] ??'B?H]]?[???[?HZ\??????']?]??\??Y? ???]8?&\??\?H?X?x?)??X[B?[?\]YK?x?&]?H?]?\??Y[?[?][??Z?H] ??'B?Z[\??Z[Y???']8?&\??YK?YXZX[?]8?&\?[?K?????]X??]\??[?H[?YK??'B???'?)????8?)?H?H]x?'B???'YXZ]??[?????8?)?Z ?]?[?H]?O??'B??'?[ \?[?H[?XYH????%H?\?????X?H\?Z[?Z?[????\??x?)??B??[??]???H[\\?]\?K?]H[??H????YH??[?H??Y?K?]8?&\??YK\?x?&\?XZ ?X??XK[??X]??ZX?x?)?H??[?H???HX\?K??\?x?&\?\H?ZX?H[??]\???'B??'Z[\?H?HZ[?Z?[??]]X^B??HH]H?]??X\?H??[??????YK???X^X?Hx?&[?\?]?H??YH\B??ZX?H??????'B?????\??&]??X\?H??[K??B???[?YYH?]\??Y?\??Y]????]??\[?????HH?Y[???K???H?]?H??X? H?^HY? ??Z[\?X??Y\H?[????HH?X]?[???Y] ???'??&]Z[?\????K??\?^H]B??x?)?YH??XZ?Z[??)??Y?x?&Y?]???YH[??\?[??K[?H????]HYX[???'B??'????[K8?'HH?ZY 8?'H??XZ ??'B?H?[?YH?[X?\?[?H??[??YH\?H?\??H?H?[][??YK?B??YY?]] ?Y[??H?[]?][??[??H?]?Y[H???H[??[?B??[X?\?\??[???]]??[Z?B??]?H?X????H?Y??\??Y??H?\?[??????Z?H[?[??][???]??]?Y\?HB??\?????Z\??\?H?XX?Y??Y?Z[???H?\??[ ?H????Y[H?H???H?Z\???X??X?YH\??H?]?[??[??[?\???[?\??H^?H\??H?Y??[ZKX?\??[\???H[?H]?[?????B??HY??[\?H[?]?[?YHX????\?H?\?HYY][K\?^?Y[]?\?[???HY??Yx?%??[YH???%?]??[[?[?[??XY?H ??X?[X?\?\????H??X??[?Y??\??B??????[?]X[??X????H???K??H?Y??^\?[?H?]\??]??]?H?^H[?^K?X^X?HHY?Y[??H???]\?[?YH??X[?H[Y\????'?]8?&\?[?\???H?^?H???O??'HH?ZY?????Q?S L? L?[????K?L??L? L?? ?SB??