NWR Newsletter 2017 V5_Newsletter 16OCT17 - Page 7

THE ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP A lively discussion was held on the Trump election and subsequent months of office. None of us thought he would get in and are worried about his unpredictable, belligerent and unreliable style of leadership. Unanimously we feel Donald Trump has added more fear into the world especially with his handling of North Korea and Syria. We covered topics like his relationship with Putin, the G20 meeting, the Paris Climate Accord, sacking of the FBI Director James Comey, the Mexican wall and his family’s involvement in the election. He has left all of us with a lack of trust. Trump stands out from other Presidents because he uses childish Tweets to vent his anger: “You are witnessing the greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history.” AUGUST 2017 Our NWR meeting in August was an interesting discussion on Child Protection in Queensland. A very wide topic but mostly we discussed why there appeared trouble within the department such as staff shortages, burn out of investigators thus losing consistency with clients. Some of the causes of child abuse suggested were poverty, mental health, unemployment and probably just as important parents that just couldn't cope (probably because of some of the above problems)! We found it difficult to find a solution except for more funding. Even though there have been many investigations, results do seem (to the general public) not very satisfactory. Talking to people working in the department, success is often achieved but mistakes do happen (as staff are only human)! They feel good results are achieved in this difficult area at times. 5