NWR Newsletter 2017 V5_Newsletter 16OCT17 - Page 4

MAY 2017 It was a bright happy group of NWR ladies that arrived at Irene's door on the 24th May, the actual birthday of Bob Dylan whose works we had chosen to discuss that day. Coincidence indeed! The Topic of the Day was to revisit his extensive legacy of songs that have reinforced his popularity throughout the 60's up until the present day, and ultimately leading to his being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Also did his words have any relevance today? To quote Joan Baez: "You either get Bob Dylan or you don't." This statement was put to the test as each member read the lyrics of their chosen song . Their choices ranged from his classics to more reflective thoughts on love and relationships, criminal injustices, to contempt of the powerful. We discussed them all and yes, his words were relevant today. As hostess, Irene felt from only touching on his vast repertoire that regardless of personal feelings we had discovered a respect for his work and more understanding as to the reason he became the reluctant Spokesman for a Generation, a role that he had not signed up for. At this point we retired to the pool area for a relaxing lunch in the sunshine and a piece of Bob Dylan birthday cake! 2