NWR Newsletter 2017 V5_Newsletter 16OCT17 - Page 35

then bogged it even further. He then had to dig my snowmobile out and form a ramp to tow it out. I drove his snowmobile towing my snowmobile with Dirk directing from behind. This was another interesting experience that we all laughed about. The remainder of the return was fun without any mishaps. The next day we were dog sledding again, this time Katerina knew we were” experienced “and so had faster dogs and we went on more difficult terrane. It was very challenging but enormous fun. Our last day was snowmobiling again with Dirk who also took us on much more difficult tracks. We bobbed, bounced, jerked and jarred over hard snow up to the top of mountains, where the view was spectacular. What great fun we had as we finished with a flourish by speeding along a river with our cheeks red with the wind and excitement. This was a really memorable holiday, exhausting, exhilarating, and a ][HX[\˂[^[]][[Y[ [