NWR Newsletter 2017 V5_Newsletter 16OCT17 - Page 3

The Sunshine Coast NWR Morning Group has 11 members, as per last year. We meet at 10am and start with morning tea before having our discussion. After the discussion we have lunch together (BYO) and enjoy each other's company. JANUARY 2017 Our first topic was to discuss the acceptance speech given by Noni Hazlehurst when she was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 2016 Logies. In this speech Noni touched on many topics such as television programming, the dominance of negative stories in the media, the disconnect between what we see on TV and what we experience in our own environment, mothering, trust, mental health issues, bigotry and racism! Noni's speech was delivered with humour so it was easy to listen to and it provided a much lively exchange of ideas. FEBRUARY 2017 At 10am on a beautiful morning at Caloundra we gathered at the home of member Willi at King's Beach.  Carole from the Brisbane West NWR Group was a welcome guest.   Our theme was about our like or dislike of plants and trees and the memories they can evoke.  Two of those present had been involved in plant nurseries and their input was well received.  We all realized that happy and sad memories could  and did rise from our discussion.   A wide variety of our garden specimens were exchanged to plant in our own spaces so that memories of each other could be recalled and enjoyed.     MARCH 2017 The March meeting was a very happy morning, focussing on what we enjoy doing!  We all agreed time with family was on top of our list!  Line dancing, tai chi, conducting choirs and photos taken on our many travels and of our families give us pleasure but then one member shared, just waking up each morning made her grateful!  We ended up by all agreeing, we were all privileged to live on the Sunshine Coast. APRIL 2017 Our topic was to discuss where democracy and capitalism join together for the better good of all. This led us to discuss how much capitalism is impacting on our way of life and in particular the kind of governments we are now getting. We looked at different democratic styles such as republican and monarchical and also to voting systems. Australia is one of a few countries that have compulsory voting. We discussed changes happening around the world and how we are all inter connected now as a global entity where what happens in one country impacts on every other country. We hypothesised on how we could come up with a better form of government by taking the best from good democracy and socialism. $$$$ 1