NWR Newsletter 2017 V5_Newsletter 16OCT17 - Page 2

N ational W omen’s R egister … … is an International Organisation of women’s discussion groups with members in Great Britain, Europe, Africa and in Australia. Each group provides its members with opportunities to participate in stimulating discussions on a wide range of topics from the serious to light-hearted and non-domestic points of view. The aims are to focus on a nominated subject through personal research and communal activities so that a better understanding and intimate knowledge can be gained and shared. Speakers who are experts in their particular field of endeavour are also invited to attend and address the meetings. The regular meetings give members opportunities to share their ideas, concepts and opinions in an atmosphere of friendship in a non-threatening environment to stimulate self-image, self-esteem and confidence. The Foundation Group was formed in Britain in 1960 under the name of “National Housewives Register” by a young housewife named Maureen Nicol in 1961. It readily flourished and was later renamed “National Women’s Register”. It was brought here in 1975 as National Housewives’ Register and a number of informal groups were started in Australia. Prior to 1981 there were several groups in Australia without any formal ties. When Anne Burns emigrated from Scotland to Sydney she organised a group at Ryde during June 1982 which was called Women in Touch (WIT) based on the UK “National Housewives Register”. The Ryde group quickly expanded into four separate groups in northern Sydney. An interview on ABC radio’s 2BL (now 702) “City Extra” programme with Margaret Throsby swelled these groups to eight in eighteen months. At the same time groups started in other states and by the end of 1983 there were seventeen groups. Publicity on television and radio, together with an article in “Parent and Child” magazine in 1985, consolidated these groups to fourteen in Sydney with others springing up in many parts of NSW. During the 1980’s the NSW Board of Adult Education granted WIT funds which were used to establish a management committee, organise annual conferences and publish newsletters. The organisation no longer receives any grant. The annual newsletter, publicity and administration costs are entirely funded by member’s subscriptions. The annual conference is self-funded. The organisation continued to prosper until 1992 when it changed its name to “National Women’s Register” (NWR). This brought the Australian membership in line with the international organisation of NWR. On 9 March 1993 National Women’s Register became incorporated and registered as National Women’s Register Australia Incorporated. Today, members in many countries worldwide continue to foster “A Meeting Point for Lively Minded Women” of all nationalities in their search for knowledge and a better understanding of the joys and richness that can improve their lives.