NWR Newsletter 2017 V5_Newsletter 16OCT17 - Page 16

Movie night at Robyn’s... June We gathered in the warmth of Robyn’s lounge room on a cold night to watch the movie “Kinky Boots”. What a great mix of telling a story which was true in its background and the saving of a family’s boot making business and the troubling way in which people treat those that they don’t feel “fit” the normal picture. Shameful what some people do to the human spirit! Along with the seriousness there were wonderful moments of fun and light-heartedness and of course the happy ending with everyone a “winner”. We nibbled away at our movie-style goodies and enjoyed it immensely. You have to love a night at the movies! TRUMP + PUTIN... how’s it shaping up? July Well, I guess you could say ... all gloves are off! Or maybe... on! Who really knows what is secretly going on behind closed doors with President Trump (who appears to think he always holds the trump card) you can imagine what lively discussion there has been along the way at their meetings!! There was plenty of lively discussion at our meeting too and a lot of concern expressed about the new man in the White House, running the USA like a business and firing and hiring weekly. Putin on the other hand, has President Trump right where he wants him, keeping him on his toes with his KGB men right at Trump’s back! What a tangled web Trump is weaving... while Putin sits back and watches the games play on! The Trapped Trump versus the Pitiless Putin. Booking a ticket for space flights soon? Nothing like a night at the theatre... And being “Wicked” !! 11