NWR Newsletter 2017 V5_Newsletter 16OCT17 - Page 14

flower was not definitely known. It was very old and proudly worn by Christine whenever possible to remind her of treasured days. Anne – Necklace and bracelet, double rows of black diamonds! We were all intrigued by this beautiful, sparkling necklace and bracelet as we hadn’t ever seen black diamonds “in the flesh” so to speak. Anne’s best friend in Norway, (they started high school together) died from an aggressive cancer. She never had any children, but has two brothers and two nephews. She very graciously decided that all her close friends would get a piece of jewellery and Anne received this beautiful jewellery that she believes came from her grandmother. Unfortunately, they hadn’t been worn out to “show off” to the world but valued with much sentimentality by Anne. Such a unique treasure! Robyn - Two rings and one very tiny, very old, cellulose doll were shown. The two rings had been designed and reset using a mix of diamonds and gold from her mother’s and grandmother’s rings, uniquely designed by Robyn with love. The settings are quite different and they sparkled with some very valuable diamonds, one being a blue diamond. The tiny little doll, wearing a tiny dress, which was intricately crocheted or tatted, was sitting in a tiny high chair. Her hair was intact as was everything else. What joy all these treasures continue to bring to Robyn and on to her family in the future. Beverly – A “high tea” tea set, a yellow glass vase and a handmade wooden recipe book cover were brought out of my cupboards. The small flute-edged cup, scalloped-edged saucer and plate, were a sample of the unique design of this tea set and were hand painted with raised up floral painting on egg shell ceramic. This belonged to my Grandmother and was given to her from an aunt, so the (set of 6, now only 4) would be well over 100 years old. The story was told to me by Grandma (would have now been 127) of how, early in her marriage, she would have lady friends over for high tea and these were the size of cups used for tea. With no markings on the bottom it is hard to know exactly when they were made in England. The bright yellow, opaque glass vase was part of a pair but one day when dusting them, one hit the tiled hearth of the fireplace at Grandma’s… then there was only one. I used to sit and look at them many years ago, when having dinner there. One had the black shape of a lady dancing (as shown) and the broken one had the shape of a man in a dancing position. I was given this most treasured vase before Grandma died, along with the teaset. As for the wooden recipe book cover… my wonderful Dad had it made for Mum with a carving of a fat chef (in no way indicative of my mother’s shape) and Mum’s name Elvy on the front. Of course the biggest treasure is my Mum’s handwritten recipes contained within the book. I can still see her with the book on the table making her wonderful apple pies! - … wealth such as money, jewels, precious metals stored up or hidden… OR something of great worth or value… OR a person esteemed as rare or precious. 9