NWR Newsletter 2017 V5_Newsletter 16OCT17 - Page 12

Clover Moore which from a distance looked like a painting. In fact it was a woven carpet. The tour concluded with a viewing of a street model of the Sydney City Council area. The Royal Flying Doctor Service was the topic of our August Meeting. We were fortunate to have Catherine Smith, who is an ambassador for the service, as our guest speaker. She made her presentation really interesting, adding to the basic knowledge which most of us had. Many of us were surprised to learn the extent of the service which covers a diverse range of health services including dental, skin care, men’s health, mental health and well‐being, just to name a few. A close study of the $20 note was brought to life as its artwork represents the milestones of the Service. Catherine had some interesting photos to show us and concluded with 2 short video clips which reinforced the amazing, life‐saving work of the royal Flying Doctor Service, the first air ambulance service in the world! We had a great meeting in September, with good laughter as usual. Members were asked to talk about their passion, interest or hobby. Jenny talked about an idea that she had about hosting hospital visitors, Hedda spoke about her love of cooking magazines, Sue Lane talked about her favourite author Margaret Attwood, Jane about her sketching, Jenni about her painting, Gunni about shopping with her daughter, Inga about the dream of cooking her grandmother’s recipes with her mum, Lynn about her volunteer work with a charity, Marie about her bridge. A very diverse range of interests. In October Lisa very kindly opened her home for a Heritage Party. It was a lively evening with 20 members contributing food and anecdotes relating to their culture. Some managed to dress in costume or clothing traditionally worn in their country of origin. Many of us have Anglo Saxon backgrounds but Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Lebanese, Yugoslavian, Indonesian and New Zealand were all represented or spoken about on the night. A talk about stem cell research by guest speaker Kudilp Sidhu will be the topic for our November meeting and our Christmas dinner will finish the year. Colleen McGuigan and Kate Strachan Joint LO’s