NWHA National News August 2018 - Page 25

• All Day Pleasure and Country Pleasure—cross entering not allowed • Free National Raffle--$25 ticket per horse/back number. Winning back number receives entry fees and one stall free. • WDAA Recognized Show--#18-207 Complete list of rules & pre entry forms or information available @ www.nwha.com or (859) 252-NWHA (6942) Free on line entry available at www.thenwhanational.com Visit www.thenwhanational.com for show announcements, updates, host hotel information and more! Persons on federal disqualification may not transport horses to this show and may participate only as a spectator. No plastic wraps, action devices, or full blinders will be allowed on the show grounds. Hoof bands are not permitted. Horses must present thru DQP for inspection prior to being shown. PRE ENTRIES MUST BE POSTMARKED BY 9/8/2018 Post entries will be accepted at the show office NO ENTRIES OR SCRATCHES WILL BE ACCEPTED 1 HOUR PRIOR TO THE SESSION START TIME The National Walking Horse Association is an alliance of people committed to preserving and fostering the natural abilities and welfare of the Walking Horse. The NWHA improves the lives of horses and people by encouraging responsibility and sportsmanship. It promotes education and recreational activities, while preserving the unique qualities of the Walking Horse. NWHA provides an equitable horse show affiliation program for Walking Horses to be exhibited, judged and showcased in full compliance with the Federal Horse Protection Act. This is accomplished through 1) Rules that are enforced fairly and consistently 2) A horse inspection (DQP) program with thorough and fair inspections 3) Judges that are committed to fair judging with an understanding of the true gaits of the Walking Horse. Sponsorship Opportunities Available Sounds Principles – Sound Horses