NWHA National News August 2018 - Page 24

211. 212. 213. 214. 215. 216. 217. Park Lite Shod Amateur 2 gait Championship/English Plantation Pleasure AOT 2 gait Championship/OT SSH Trail Pleasure Open 2 gait Championship/OT Country Pleasure Open 3 gait Championship/OT Trail Pleasure Open 2 gait Championship/English Lite Shod Amateur 2 gait Championship/English Park Lite Shod Open 3 gait Championship/OT 218. 219. 220. 221. 222. Trail Pleasure Open 3 gait Championship/OT All Day Pleasure Amateur 2 gait Championship/English Lite Shod Open 3 gait Championship/OT Plantation Pleasure Open 3 gait Championship/OT Speed Racking, Open Gaited Breed, Championship Presentation of Adult Amateur High Point and Youth High Point ADD A CLASS Preliminary Rail and Versatility Class – Entry Fee $30 / after 9/8/18- $40 Contact Katie Tanner No Premiums Paid - awards ONLY 850-519-3962 magiciansencore@yahoo.com Jackpot Classes- Entry Fee $40 $250 Preliminary/$350 Championship Premiums paid: 50% of total entry fees at 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% Must be paid in full prior to adding, first come/first serve Championship Classes – Entry Fee $45 STALL RESERVATIONS- Contact Merleene Pecheco, Must show in qualifying preliminary class for division. bearcat66@icloud.com or (540) 850-9024 Qualifying classes listed on separate sheet. CAMPER RESERVATIONS- Contact Mag Ranft, No Premiums Paid - awards ONLY magranft@hotmail.com or (614)946-7046 **Regional Grand Championship Classes – Entry Fee $45 - Open to Qualified Horses Only. Current NWHA Membership is required to exhibit at The National Entry must have placed 1, 2, or 3 at any NWHA Regional Show CHAMPIONSHIP 2 or 3 gait class in that division Entries must be made by 9am the day of the class in order to validate eligibility. No Premiums Paid - awards ONLY DQP Fees - $12 per horse per day Abbreviations- * Stalls- $160/week (after 9/8/18- $175) 9/15/18 thru 9/22/18; AOT- Amateur Owned & Trained (NO professional training within 90 days prior to show) or four or less days, $30/day (after 9/8/18-$35/day); includes OT- Optional Tack (English or Western – not a combination of both) 2 bags of shavings in horse and tack stalls Stall early arrival/late departure (prior arrangement) - $30 per day Camper/RV Sites - $215 (after 9/8/18 -$250) 9/15/18 thru 9/22/18; or four or less days, $35/day (after 9/8/18 $40/day) Camper early arrival/late departure - $35 per day Bedding- $8 per bale (pre-ordered) - $10 per bale (NOT PRE-ORDERED); Pre-ordered shavings will be at reserved stalls upon arrival. All post-arrival shavings must be ordered by 3pm each day to be delivered that day. Grounds Fee- $20/day per horse (Horse without accompanying stall or trailered in) Office Fee per Horse- $20 • Bareback Pleasure—Trail Walk, Favorite Gait • Novice Horse— horse has not won a blue ribbon in a rail class at any National. Same applies for versatility novice classes. • Youth Riders – 17 yrs. and under as of January 1, 2018 • Youth Riders 11 yrs. & under must wear approved ASTM safety helmet while mounted at all times. • Intermediate Equitation Classes (188, 189) is a two gait class and for novice riders only (not to have won a blue ribbon in stock seat or saddle seat equitation at The National) and may cross enter into medallion classes (133, 134) • Dressage: Dressage entries will be limited to 60 tests in English Dressage and 40 tests in Western Dressage. Entries are first come first serve. Pre-entries for dressage will be accepted until 9/8/18. After that, entries will only be accepted as the schedule allows. Dressage entries received after the allotted tests are full will be placed on a waiting list in the order they are received. Ride times will be posted on the Nationals Show Page (thenwhanational.com) after the closing date. • Trail Obstacle, In Hand—Open to all horse ages • A current NWHA membership is required to exhibit at The National • Classes split - 20 for youth only classes / 26 for adult, amateur and open classes • Qualifying classes for Championships – qualifying class requirements/ partici ][ۂX\B]B\\ۜX[]B[ق]B[ۙ\Z[\ܚY\BT[XBZܜKܚY\BBY[Z[[YXBZ[XBP[\[ۜ\P\YYB][ۋB\\X\][ۂ[܂Y^\YY܂X[B\X\ۂYB]BX\X]B\]X[YZ[X\K]BY[BZ\BۜY\YZ[[YXBY܂\ZYX[\[ۜ\ BR[X\B[ق\Y[BZ[[YX[]K]BX\B\[XB\K]YYX[X[\[]YYY\X\B[ۋ\Y[XKB(ۙ\^X]܋ܜB\XZ][X[RB][][ۂY\[UBS][ۘ[YܙZ]X[YY\X[X[B\\[Z][\]ۂXB]]Y[BB(\\[X\B[XۜY\Y[ٙXX[][[X\YYYXB\[Y[Y[ BQX\[ۜXB\[Y[Y[ QTX[ZY\X\BXۜY\YY[[ BB\[X^BXBY[YX\\\]BSB\[X˂B([[][ق\]BZܜ\\\[[ۂ\Yܛ[[]\Z]BXBX\[LY^BZX[X\YX]KB([Zܜ\[ۂ\Yܛ[[]\Z]BXBX\[[Y]]BP[J^\[ۂx$Zܜ\M[[۝[܂[\Bx$PB[]\XB[ۂY[BZ[\[ٙXKB([YU\[܂SY[[ܚX[LYZ] 8%Z[U[Q]ܚ]BQZ]B( S[Q]\[ۋTY[ۘ[Qܘ[P[\[ۜ\8%U[TQZ]B(X[RܜKS[Q]\[ۋTY[ۘ[Qܘ[P[\[ۜ\8%Z[TX\\BU[[܂TU[UZ[TX\\BTX[܂TTXB(X[RܜKS[Q]\[ۋR[[܂RܜBMBIU[\%UZ[TX\\BU[[܂TU[UZ[TX\\BTX[܂TTXB([ۘ[UXP[\[ۜ\8%\\Zܜ\][[XB\\]Z\Y]\\ܛBXBL͌YYܙYB]\Z[]B[[B]\B