NWHA National News August 2018 - Page 20

On June 28-30, 2018 we had 16 Youth attend Youth/ Young Adult Camp. The drop off time was 12 on Thursday. Joellen Finerfrock (the previous camp Mom), Jessica Ellis (previous camp Participant), Mikal Spooner (previous camp Mom), and I quickly got the kids on horses to evaluate each camper. All 13 girls and 3 boys were very accomplished riders—no one hesitated to push the horses through all speeds. Dr. Bri from Breezeway Sporthorse Medicine came by to discuss a stretching and acupuncture talk. Then we pulled another round of horses out. Everyone enjoyed riding horses from Racking, All Day Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Trail Pleasure, and Lite Shod divisions. Most of these horses were multi-titled International and National Champions. By the end of riding, we were all sweaty and ready to sit and listen to the important inf ܛX][ۈ][H\[H^[ ][\[\\X\[ H\HܛۈYY\\[]]K[X\YX]]HYYYYX[[Y\[\\و]Y[˂\H[\\X\YX]H[\ܝ[Hوݙ\X[[\و[\ܜKHܛ\[]\Y\[[Z&\\H܈Z[[X\H[Y\Z[\ܛ\ [H]\܈[\[[HHYٙ\][HH[[Z[[][X\XB[Y[ ^H \YٙX\KH[\\ق\H[YYY[[XYY\8&\܈Hۙ\[XZ٘\ B\YٙY^H][Z[H\ۜܛ ][\[\\X\[ H ZܜHܘ[H\X܋XX[\X]Y[ۙܛX][ۋ\B\H ܛ\وܜ\ˈXXܜBYZ\ۙܛX][ۈ[[^Y[[Z]Y[\YHš]YXH[ݙ[Y[ \[[ \Y\^[ܙ[\K\XH[\˜X]Z[H[\YH[[’ܜKHܘX[\H[\Y[]Y\[ۜBH][ۘ[] ]Y\ N