NWHA National News August 2018 - Page 19

2018 NWHA YOUTH/ YOUNG ADULT CAMP JUNE 28-30, 2018 — BELVEU FARM, NORTH CAROLINA In June Mikal Spooner and I, Morgan Applewhite, held the 2018 NWHA Youth/Young Adult Camp on Belveu Farm. It all started Last Year when Mikal and I took over the NWHA youth Committee. We wanted to get all the youth interested and excited again. An opportunity presented itself to give back to one of our previous youth Jessica Ellis. A new show was created, and we raised money for Jessica’s baby girl as well as money to be used for the NWHA youth committee. After the first show’s success, we had several people volunteer to help put together another NWHA show - and raise additional funds to support our NWHA youth. We remembered how much fun the previous Youth camps that NWHA held in Lexington KY were. Several of the attendees of those camps were interested in helping and giving back - and so the next NWHA Youth Camp took shape. Our minds started trying to figure out if it was possible to do a camp on the Farm. The whole farm family talked about it and the plans were laid to have the NWHA Youth camp. NWHA National News / August 2018 19