NWHA National News August 2018 - Page 18

Committee Membership: Committee Liaisons/Chairs are to send A. Spinelli and K. O’Connor committee membership. Motion by J. Nagel to require committee members to be a NWHA member in good standing by March 1 of the current year, effective 2019. 2nd J. Potter. Approved. Temp Show Cards: Process discussed. A place on the membership form will be added. Show management is responsible for verifying membership and sending fees after the show. The 2018 NWHA National: K. Tanner and M. Ranft presented the 2018 class list. Dressage will be held in the main arena starting at noon on Sunday, Sept. 16. All youth classes except dressage and trail obstacles are Friday Sept. 21-22. Motion by J. Ouellette to approve the 2018 NWHA National Class List. 2nd K. McGuire. Approved. 18 NWHA National News / August 2018 OTHER/ANNOUNCEMENTS: • Youth Helmet Requirements: The age youth are required to wear helmets discussed. Referred to Rules Committee for review. • New Judge: Sandy Stout McAnally has completed all requirements to be a NWHA Judge. Motion by M. Ranft to add S. McAnally to the NWHA judges list. 2nd J. Ouellette. Approved. Motion to adjourn by J. Ouellette, 2nd by C. Weeks. Meeting adjourned at 9:13 pm Eastern time.