NWHA National News August 2018 - Page 17

JUNE Meeting called to order by President A. Spinelli-Olson at 8:01 pm Eastern time. Roll call S. Gibbs B. Jennings J. Nagel M. Pacheco M. Ranft K. Tanner S. Havard K. McGuire J. Ouellette J. Potter A. Spinelli-Olson C. Weeks Members/Guests: Kimberly O’Connor, Chief Administrative Officer* (excused absence); Ruth Ann Spinelli, Judges Committee Chair The National Judges Slate: Ruth Ann Spinelli presented the following slate of judges for approval for the 2018 National Show: Ronnie Sapp; Lori Snyder Lowe; and Glenda Levin. Motion to approve this slate of judges by J. Ouellette. 2nd by M. Pacheco. Approved Approval of May 8, 2018 Meeting Minutes: Motion to approve by M. Ranft; 2nd J. Ouellette. Approved. Financial Report Discussion by K. McGuire: Motion to approve by C. Weeks; 2nd M. Ranft. Approved. Sponsorships forms by J. Nagel and J. Ouellette: Sponsorship forms have been edited and reviewed by board members. Motion to approve by J. Potter; 2nd by K. Tanner. Approved. June 12, 2018 Web Page Site Map by J. Nagel and A. Spinelli-Olson: Site map discussed. An updated draft will be sent to board members for review. WDAA Sponsorship Request by Susan Havard: Motion by K. McGuire to send a $250 sponsorship to WDAA World Show. 2nd by M. Pacheco. Approved. Merchandise: Ideas for National Merchandise discussed including a t-shirt with the 20 year logo, incorporating the 20 year logo into the 2019 National t-shirt, caps, polos, sweat shirts. 20 Year Logo: Pending revisions Sport and Trail: The trail ride is Oct. 27, 2018 in Morrow, Missouri in conjunction with the Sport and Trail expo. NWHA will have a booth. J. Ouellette and C. Weeks are coordinating. We will advertise the trail ride in the NWHA News and by email. Next edition’s ad to be coordinated by C. Weeks and S. Havard. Illinois State Fair Horse Show: A judge has been secured and will be promoted on Social Media. Trainer’s Letter: A letter has been sent to all past and present trainers inviting them to join NWHA Trainers List. NWHA National News / August 2018 17