NWHA National News August 2018 - Page 16

NWHA BOARD MEETING HIGHLIGHTS MAY Meeting called to order by President A. Spinelli-Olson at 8:01 pm Eastern time. Roll call S. Gibbs B. Jennings J. Nagel M. Pacheco M. Ranft K. Tanner S. Havard K. McGuire J. Ouellette J. Potter A. Spinelli-Olson C. Weeks Members/Guests: Kimberly O’Connor, Chief Administrative Officer Approval of April 10, 2018 Meeting Minutes: Motion to approve by J. Ouellette. 2nd M. Ranft. Approved. Financial Report Discussion by K. Tanner: Motion to approve by C. Weeks; 2nd M. Pacheco. Approved. Sponsorships discussion by J. Nagel and J. Ouellette: Draft sponsorship letters will be sent to board members for review. Web Page Site Map by J. Nagel and A. Spinelli-Olson: Updated site-map presented. Board members are to review and send comments. NWHA News by A. Spinelli-Olson: Publication plans for 2018 are as follows: June-digital; August-digital; September- printed National Show Program; October- digital post National; and December- digital. WDAA World Show Sponsorship Request by S. Havard: S. Havard will get more specifics and report back. 16 NWHA National News / August 2018 May 9, 2018 OTHER/ANNOUNCEMENTS: • The Judges committee will submit the 2018 National Horse Show judges’ slate at the June meeting for board approval. • Nationals: Paddock masters and Ring Steward are being hired. The 2018 National Horse Show dates to be updated on NWHA web page. • Kim Richwine has designed two 20-year logos that will be sent out for board vote. • Discussion on the Trail and Sport magazine by C. Weeks: Susan will ask Lauren to create an ad highlighting the TRIP/CHIP program and any upcoming TRIP/CHIP sanctioned rides for the June issue. The magazine requested NWHA to host a trail ride in conjunction with a 3-day event being [ۈؙ\ B  N ˈYZ[Y[]H[ܙ[]HHZ[YK(H\Z[Έ[[ۈHK[Y[X]YۈH[[\[HXZ]HY[X][ۂܛK HY[]K\ݙY (H[[\]HZ\\XYY[]H܈\ܝ]HܜH˂(H\[ˈ&Pۛ\\Hܚ[›ۈH]\[][Z[\[\\YYYZ[\ܘ[K[[ۈY\HY[]K BˈYZˈ\ݙY YY][Y\Y]NLHX\\[YK