NWHA National News August 2018 - Page 11

NATIONAL REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIERS ALL DAY PLEASURE TRAIL PLEASURE PLANTATION PLEASURE Excalibur’s Masterpiece Feathers and Lace Final’s Highest Praise I’m So Fancy Joy’s Real Deal Look Who’s Walking Now MC’s Blonde Bombshell Miss Sarah Allen Pride of the Carolina’s Reddi Whip She’s A Bit Rowdy She’s Flashin Cash Sir Albert The Trixter Whoopi’s Promise Angel Witch Way Buck Naked Cocoa’s Chaos Fear’s Wild Magnolia Go Mister Sister Gonna Get Sideways JJ’s Red Bull Jose El Amo King of Tijuana Line Up On Command Magician’s Encore Pushing for Parole Rowdy After Dark Rowdy Sunshine She’s Fancy Free She’s Indescribable Sioux Nami Titleist Maid Walking A Fine Line Walkin In The Storm Zahara Bella Ve Extra Classic Lightning’s Belladonna No Way Jose Red Sunchip Stone Cold Bandit LITE SHOD SSH COUNTRY PLEASURE Allen’s Bossy Lady Allen Gottaround A Flashy Gangster Cash For Diamonds DAYUM I’m Good Diego’s Quarterback El Tresor Holy Jose! I’m San Jose Michael Angelo N-V On the Hotline Packin A Pistol Princess Power Pushing Allen Rambolicious Rowdy Reward Sweet N Sinful The Pipeline A Spartan Autumn Cash Justifiable Merry Girl Kate Off The Clock Rowdy Showstopper The Big House The Merry Daredevil Westmark’s Blue Boozy RACKING (STYLE) (TP/CP) (PLEASURE) (SPEED) DE#3 I’m A Party Girl Jedidiah K & M’s Boondox Midnight Miracle My Buddy Beau Ozone Alert Powder River Sky Pride of the Carolina’s Shady Sky Spirit Rider Allen’s Beowolf Ozone Alert Pushing Allen Real Deal Hero The Big House Trooper Skeeter White Wof’s Diamond Rox Wolf’s Dirty Money PARK LITE SHOD A Wise Rowdy Cinco Diego Copper’s IN Style Leonardo DiCaprio Rowdy Revenge Sioux Nami Walk Time Witch Whoopi’s Elite Coin NWHA National News / August 2018 11