NutriNews Issue 7 2017 - Page 9

The final aspect – genetics - is relatively novel, as genetic and epigenetic responses are only recently being considered as affecting disease risk. With an understanding of an individual’s genetic and epigenetic makeup, health outcomes during pregnancy, birth and throughout life can be improved. This article is only an overview, a glimpse into the complex world of ‘Nutrition’. Although these elements are discussed in a distinct fashion, one must appreciate that they are all interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation. For instance, policy can dictate what individuals should eat and drink, thereby influencing their genetic and epigenetic make up. In turn, changes in gene expression patterns underlie mechanisms th at affect the individual’s health Let us take it one step further. We can say that and disease outcomes during ‘Nutrition’ also extends into our awareness of their lifetime. how connected we are to the universe. The Furthermore, one must also remember that although we tried to widen the common understanding of what ‘Nutrition’ is, our enumeration of four elements is still a simplification. ‘Nutrition’ goes beyond the food we eat and the products we buy from the grocery store. It is connected to our long-term health, directing government policies, and physical and mental development of children from adolescence to adulthood. fundamental principle of conservation of energy dictates that we are part of a balanced cycle of energy creation and destruction. What feeds us will in turn feed on us as well. ‘Nutrition’ is linked to the core of our existence. Issue 3 | Nutrition of Everything | 3