NutriNews Issue 7 2017 - Page 53

To Louisa & Emiliana: For the first ever “Tip Your Hat” segment, the students of the Department of Nutritional Sciences would like to take a moment to recognize Louisa and Emiliana! As a group of students each personifying components to a well- constructed machine, we should acknowledge the power cords that continually keep us running each day. Graduate life would have been significantly tougher without you both. In reality, some of us would have probably not been admitted or succeeded in the program if you were not there to support us. The roles you play in this department is vital; from sending out countless emails, arranging meetings and defenses, preparing admission applications for prospective students, and simply keeping us sane. The help and time you have dedicated to us cannot compare to any other faculty member in our department. You care for us – reminding us to sign our forms and submit our scholarship applications, at times even knocking at our doors to remind us of due dates and registration fees we have yet to pay. You encourage us – listening to our every problem and finding ways to help mitigate our stressful graduate life. We can only conclude that the work you do for us is boundless, where much of it goes unnoticed, and so we want to say thank you for all you have done and continue to do. You keep each student in check and accountable and help optimize our student capabilities. Not only acting as our power cords, you are also the oil we need for our machine to run smoothly. We are thankful for the commitment you have for this department and the assistance you have provided to the students. In turn, we promise to pay our school fees and graduate on time so that we too hopefully can mitigate some stress in your lives. Issue 3 | Nutrition of Everything | 47