NutriNews Issue 7 2017 - Page 50

Upd Nutrilyzers ates Double the Trouble! The DNS Buddies Program By: Rodney Au-Yeung By: Andreea Zurbau At the time of writing this piece, the league has yet to finish, so the floor burns and deep dives continue for a few more weeks. We had a great turnout this year, with enough players to form two teams: good ol’ Nutrilyzers in intermediate B for a competitive touch, and our new recreational league team, Insulin Spike for a more relaxing, beginner-friendly atmosphere! Both teams performed very well, holding our own every game, and speaks to the athletic prowess displayed by the DNS. While our chances for making the playoffs this year looks slim, we had a great time and there’s always next year! We hope new and existing players alike will join next year’s team, and always remember the 5 “V”: Volley, Vigilance, Vision, Velocity, and – of course – Victory! See you all next year! The Department of Nutritional Sciences Buddies Program has been an annual initiative to match incoming graduate students with a senior mentor. Traditionally, mentors would advise mentees on scholarship opportunities and program requirements, and introduce them to the Department’s student body. This year, the DNS Buddies Program took on a new spin. There was no longer a pairing of students, but rather a network of students was formed to share wisdom and build a foundation of support for the career endeavours of their peers. The thought being that graduate students at any stage can provide guidance as each has entered DNS with different experiences and through varying opportunities. One meeting is hosted each semester. The Fall meeting took place on October 13 th 2016 and was a networking social at a U of T student lounge. The second meeting will be in June with a guest speaker invited to present on joining the work force beyond entry level. The DNS Buddies Program is open to all graduate students in the Department. We hope to see you at our next meeting! Issue 3 | Nutrition of Everything | 44