NutriNews Issue 7 2017 - Page 49

Cherry Chocolate Cream with Yogurt 5 – Add Cherries and Decorate: chop the cherries in a small bowl and fill with chocolate yogurt mixture and decorate with while cherries. Let it cool in refrigerator for 2 hours. 500 g dark chocolate, chopped 150 ml fresh milk 250 g yoghurt 3 drops of vanilla extract 500 g cherries 3 – Obtain 1 – Heat milk: 2 – Pour in bowl: once milk boils, creamy For 4 - 5 minutes remove it from texture: stir heat milk over medium power. heat and pour into milk and a bowl with the chocolate until chocolate. melted and forms a smooth cream. 4 – Mix all: leave it for a few minutes until room temperature, then mix with yogurt and vanilla. By: Paraskevi Massara Issue 3 | Nutrition of Everything | 43