Nutrien Ag Solutions Seed Guide 2017 - Page 8

A selection of top-performing canola hybrids with the Genuity® Roundup Ready® technology for producers who prefer leading genetics and high yield potential coupled with a simple approach to weed management including broad application flexibility. HYBRID DESCRIPTION YIELD NEW PV 540 G A yield leading and yield stable hybrid that performs across all geographies of Western Canada with extremely strong blackleg resistance genetics. 110% of PV 530 G** PV 533 G A high-yielding mid-season hybrid that provides growers excellent standability plus a great blackleg resistance package. 104% of PV 530 G* NEW PV 560 GM A new hybrid that can reduce the risk of harvest losses in canola from pod shatter and pod drop. A great option that delivers harvest flexibility for swathing or straight cut situations. 110% of PV 530 G** NEW PV 581 GC A new high-yielding clubroot resistant hybrid with very good standability. An exceptional tool for use within a responsible clubroot management rotation. 112% of PV 530 G** NEW PV 590 GCS The first canola hybrid developed with excellent yield potential and resistance to both sclerotinia and clubroot in one complete package. Uniquely suited for canola production in areas at highest risk for sclerotinia, clubroot and blackleg. 105% of PV 530 G** NEW PV 580 GC The first true multigenic clubroot resistant canola hybrid that delivers high levels of resistance to current clubroot pathotypes, and uniquely carries genetics highly resistant to the original 5X strain. 100% of PV 530 G* PV 531 G An early-maturing hybrid suitable for the short growing zones of the Prairies. An excellent choice for growers who prefer to stage out their canola maturity and harvest windows without sacrificing yield. 98% of PV 530 G* PV 530 G A strong hybrid with medium maturity and excellent standability to make it easier for producers to put more bushels in the bin. VR 9562 GC Offers canola growers consistently high yield potential plus clubroot resistance. *Source: 2014-2015 CPS Local Performance Checks – 22 locations, 32 trials, 64 replicates **Source: 2015 CPS Local Performance Checks – 16 trials, 32 replicates 6 Pioneer ®, the trapezoid symbol and Protector ® are registered trademarks of Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. 100% (RR check variety)* 106% of PV 530 G*