Nutrien Ag Solutions Seed Guide 2017 - Page 6

CHOOSE THE RIGHT CANOLA FOR YOUR FARM PROFITABILITY POTENTIAL YIELD GENETICS YIELD STABILITY HARVEST EASE PREMIUM CONTRACTS OFFERED NEW PV 540 G PV 533 G ROUNDUP READY® NEW PV 560 GM NEW PV 581 GC NEW PV 590 GCS PV 530 G PV 531 G VR 9562 GC NEW PV 580 GC HYHEAR 1 RR CLEARFIELD® RED RIVER 1861 RR PV 200 CL VR 9560 CL NEW XCEED® X122 CL BEST OPTION BETTER OPTION GOOD OPTION NONE Disease Management Western Canadian canola growers know the threat of blackleg and clubroot. Even previously resistant varieties are challenged with both changing and increasing disease pressure that can cause losses in yield by as much as 50 percent. CPS has invested heavily in researching the best disease packages and developing new hybrids with high levels of resistance to both newly emerging and well established clubroot pathotypes, as well as genetics proven to combat current predominant blackleg strains. With PV 580 GC from Proven Seed, CPS was first to develop a true multi-gene clubroot hybrid. In areas where clubroot is a potential concern, combining a clubroot resistant hybrid with agronomic best practices, including rotation management, will help growers better manage the risk and keep canola in their rotations. 4 In areas where blackleg disease is an issue, growers should talk to their CPS retail about the blackleg resistance ratings of various canola hybrids and choose the right level of protection. Variety selection combined with agronomic best practices are your best protection against blackleg.