Nutrien Ag Solutions Seed Guide 2017 - Page 34

FORAGES Winning varieties proven over decades The hps® brand CPS is proud to offer the widest forage portfolio as well as ready access to the newest varieties. Balancing the feed requirements of your herd with cost and the agronomic requirements of your growing conditions, you need solutions that will help your operation thrive. Our recommendations and products are backed by the Proven Seed Performance Promise — your guarantee of forage stand establishment that yields top quality results. Developed for our forage seed products, the hps brand is the common seed line from CPS. It provides forage growers with coverage under the best warranty in the industry as well as the same high-quality standards as our certified seed. Proven Seed Master Blends Western Canadian growers looking for the highest levels of consistency, purity and quality in forages will want to consider a Proven Seed Master Blend from CPS. Developed over decades, these blends have been custom designed for prairie conditions and refined to provide you with the best quality forages for a productive forage stand. The quality you’ll find in Proven Seed Master Blends is the product of our commitment to forage variety evaluation. Each of our seed varieties is bred, tested and managed under the strictest quality assurance program. The result is that you can count on Proven Seed Master Blends for pastures and hay fields that live up to the highest standards for stand establishment and top quality results. Choose from two Proven Seed Master Blend categories: • Hay: Designed to fit the most common forage requirements of most prairie growers and ranchers. Alfalfa blend range: 0-60%. Quality assurance When selecting seed lots for our forages, careful consideration is taken to ensure you have the best success possible. Proven Seed forages, including Master Blends and hps-branded varieties, conform to the rigid purity standards of less than 10 weed seeds per 25g. The Canada Seeds Act standards allow for up to 50 seeds per 25g in common seed and 25 seeds per 25g in certified seed. The number of weed seeds per bag of seed can greatly impact the quality of a forage stand in the long term. Only the top quality seed goes into our forage seed bags. Watch for the 2017 CPS Forage Guide to see the full lineup of Proven Seed Master Blends, alfalfa and grass seed varieties. • Pasture: Selected for hardiness, yield, regrowth potential, forage quality and salt and traffic tolerance. Available for both high and low moisture zones. To talk to our CPS forage experts, call 1-800-661-3334 or email For more information, visit or ask your local CPS retail. 32