Nutrien Ag Solutions Seed Guide 2017 - Page 30

The Proven Seed brand stands for high quality seed that will perform. We are pleased to extend our leading seed expertise and highest quality standards into the corn segment with our first corn hybrids. GRAIN & EARLY SILAGE HYBRID HEAT UNITS NEW PV 60075 RR 2150 NEW PV 60075 RIB 2150 TRAITS DESCRIPTION This introductory Proven Seed grain and silage corn flowers early and holds excellent test weight to minimize early frost risk. Excellent agronomic characteristics with early spring vigour, top class root and stalk strength and good plant health. Optimized corn yield potential The PRIDE Seeds product line is derived from a global breeding and testing program designed to develop and select best-in-class corn hybrids and combine them with the trait and treatment technologies that optimize yield potential on your farm by eliminating or managing stress factors. SILAGE & HIGH MOISTURE HEAT UNITS TRAITS DESCRIPTION A4741HM 2225-2375 Conventional A4705HMRR 2225-2375 Benchmark product for the silage, grazing and high-moisture corn grower. Features slow drydown for a wide harvest window. Unbeatable and consistent output year after year. Exceptional emergence and aggressive spring vigour for early maturity zone. Very good starch levels provide excellent quality silage. Excellent for grazing use with high yield and nutrition and strong stalks. Conventional Premium choice for high-moisture corn or silage feed. Big, tall plant with girthy ears that produce flint kernels on white cobs. Effective digestible fibre hybrid with excellent silage characteristics, yield and starch per acre. Slow grain drying rate preserves reliable and consistent feed quality at ideal moisture content. HYBRID Mid Season Full Season AS1046 EDF 2275-2450 AS1047RR EDF 2275-2450 NEW A5432G2 RIB 28 2425-2575 Impressive benchmark product for silage and high moisture corn use. Very high starch content with very good tonnage potential. Great drought and stress tolerance. Early flowering with excellent digestibility and milk and beef/acre scores. Very good Goss’s wilt rating.