Nutrien Ag Solutions Seed Guide 2017 - Page 28

CHOOSE THE RIGHT CORN FOR YOUR FARM SEASON SUITABILITY CHU EARLY MATURITY FULL SEASON USAGE SILAGE GRAIN HIGH MOISTURE GRAIN DUAL PURPOSE GRAZING Proven Seed NEW PV 60075 RIB 2150 NEW PV 60075 RR 2150 PRIDE Seeds A4022RR 2125 A4025G3 RIB 2150 NEW A4099RR 2150 A4414RR 2150 A4199G2 RIB 2175 A4415G2 RIB 2200 A4631G2 RIB 2300 A4939G2 RIB 2450 A5095G2 RIB 2475 NEW A5432G2 RIB S-2425 A4705HMRR S-2225 A1047RR EDF S-2275 BEST OPTION BETTER OPTION GOOD OPTION NONE SUCCESSFUL CORN STAND ESTABLISHMENT Select appropriate hybrid maturity As environmental conditions are a relative unknown from year to year, plant a package of corn hybrids with various maturities to prepare for high returns. Plant the majority of acres to a proven and consistent hybrid. Plant the next 20% of acres to a new, higher yield potential product to become familiar with it and 10-20% of acres to an early maturing product. Whether growing corn for grain or silage, this strategy will help growers hedge against the cool years and benefit during the warmer ones. 26