Nutrien Ag Solutions Seed Guide 2017 - Page 25

VARIETY RELATIVE MATURITY MATURITY HEAT UNITS SEEDLING VIGOUR PHYTOPHTHORA STANDABILITY PLANT HEIGHT NEW NSC Leroy RR2Y 0007 Super Ultra Early 2200 9.0 N/A 8 Tall NSC Watson RR2Y 0008 Ultra Early 2225 9.0 Rps6 9 Medium NEW NSC EXP 114 RR2X 0009 Ultra Early 2250 9.0 N/A 7 Tall NSC Reston RR2Y 001 Very Early 2325 8.5 Rps1k 9 Tall NEW NSC Austin RR2Y 004 Mid-Early 2375 8.0 Rps1c 9 Medium NSC Gladstone RR2Y 004 Early-Mid 2375 9.0 Rps1c 7.5 Med-Tall NSC Tilston RR2Y 004 Mid 2400 8.0 N/A 9 Tall NEW NSC Starbuck RR2X 006 Mid-Long 2425 8.0 Rps1c 9 Med-Tall NSC Richer RR2Y 007 Mid-Long 2475 9.0 Rps1c 8 Tall VARIETY WHITE MOULD IDC NEW NSC Leroy RR2Y 6 8 Super early maturity — will be earliest soybean variety in Western Canada. Definitely the variety of choice for new soybean growers in Saskatchewan black soil zone. Plant growth structure is fairly tall and upright. 9 Ultra early maturing variety — suitable for black, dark brown and brown soil zones of SK. Very strong early season vigour and very good height due to extended lower internode. Characteristic leaf shape makes this variety easy to identify. NSC Watson RR2Y 8 TRAITS DESCRIPTION 6 8 NSC Reston RR2Y 7 10 Very early maturing. Most popular variety in western MB and eastern SK. Very stable yielder under a wide range of environmental conditions. Semi-bush growth habit for good canopy closure and can be grown at row spacings up to 15 inches. NEW NSC Austin RR2Y 10 9 Very strong yields with superior white mould resistance and very strong IDC tolerance. This variety is well-suited to highly productive soils. In demo trials, Gladstone yielded 107% of 23-10RY in short season zone and 112% of 25-10RY in mid- to long-season zone. Tall plant closes canopy very quickly. Excellent fit for growers with planters looking for an early variety. NSC Gladstone RR2Y 7.5 9 NSC Tilston RR2Y 6 N/A Excellent standing plant. Tall with exceptional pod height. Suitable for fields that are a little rougher. NEW NSC Starbuck RR2X 9 9 Mid to long season variety with the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend trait. This variety offers top yields and fits all soils. Variety has good IDC resistance and an overall-great disease package. Medium to tall height with great physical appearance. NSC Richer RR2Y 8 8 Top yielding mid- to long-season line. Tall variety with excep