Nutrien Ag Solutions Seed Guide 2017 - Page 21

SOYBEANS SOYBEAN S Meeting the demands of new marketing opportunities Easy to grow and high in value, soybeans are becoming a staple on an increasing number of Canadian farms. The range of geographies that can support soybean production is rapidly expanding — thanks to new early and ultra-early options that enable successful production in both traditional and non-traditional soybean geographies. With trusted varieties from NorthStar Genetics, PRIDE Seeds, Syngenta and a new Proven Seed variety, CPS is helping growers meet the demand for local and export markets with seed that enables a whole new world of production and marketing options. To show our commitment to soybean seed production, CPS has invested heavily in infrastructure, including bulk handling facilities and unique seed treatment equipment. We employ the best in new technology to bring you the most appropriate range of soybean seed varieties. 19