Nutrien Ag Solutions Seed Guide 2017 - Page 19

CANADIAN PRAIRIE SPRING RED (CPSR) WHEAT VARIETY 5700PR (chk) 5702PR YIELD (% 5700PR) MATURITY 100 100 L LODGING VG L G/VG HEIGHT (CM) 80 83 TEST WEIGHT (LB/BU) 63.8 62.3 PROTEIN DESCRIPTION (%) 12.5 High yield potential with excellent lodging tolerance and a superior disease resistance package. The standard for CPSR growers with the best overall balance of features. Disease package: Resistant to common bunt and leaf rust 12.5 The highest yielding CPSR provides producers flexible marketing options. Disease package: Moderately resistant to stem and leaf rust Source: 2013-2015 CPS Local Performance Checks – 3 year summary; compilation of 31 locations and 93 replications Maturity: E = Early, M = Mid, L = Late | Lodging: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, VG = Very Good VARIETY Strongfield (chk) NEW CDC Carbide AC Brigade CDC Fortitude YIELD (% STRONGFIELD) MATURITY 100 M 103 106 101 M M/L M LODGING F F/G G G (CM) TEST WEIGHT PROTEIN (%) DESCRIPTION 89 62.9 14.3 – 14.4 The first and only midge tolerant durum wheat in the Proven Seed cereals line-up. Yields are comparable to the class leaders. Disease package: Resistant to stem, leaf and stripe rust and moderately susceptible to FHB 13.5 Highest yields and test weights plus best rated durum for FHB. The best choice for durum growers. Disease package: Resistant to stem and leaf rust, moderately resistant to stripe rust 14.2 The first solid stem va