Nutrien Ag Solutions Seed Guide 2017 - Page 18

CANADIAN WESTERN RED SPRING (CWRS) WHEAT VARIETY AC Barrie (chk) CDC Titanium CDC Stanley CDC Morris YIELD (% AC BARRIE) MATURITY 100 M 100 104 106 E E/M M LODGING G F/G G G (CM) TEST WEIGHT PROTEIN (%) DESCRIPTION 94 64.0 14.7 – 15.4 The first midge tolerant CWRS from Proven Seed and the highest fusarium resistance rating of all available midge tolerant varieties. Provides growers in midge risk areas an excellent and flexible choice without sacrificing yield. Disease package: Excellent resistance (R) to stripe and leaf rust; MR to FHB 14.5 A dependable performer that yields big, stands up strong and has great protein potential. Disease package: Best in class resistance to leaf spot; MR to stem and leaf rust; IR to FHB 14.6 Top yield performance and FHB resistance. Great protein potential, heavy test weight and strong lodging resistance for growers in high fertility areas. Disease package: MR to FHB and stem rust; R for leaf rust The next step in Clearfield wheat with high yields, heavy bushel weights and weed resistance management. An ideal variety where complex field conditions and crop rotation challenges exist. Disease package: Resistant to leaf rusts; MR to FHB HEIGHT 94 92 92 (LB/BU) 64.3 63.4 64.1 5605HR CL 104 M G/VG 96 64.7 15.0 AC Barrie (chk)* 100 M G 96 64.0 14.5 – 14.2 The only semi-dwarf variety available in the Proven Seed line of CWRS. Good yields with the option to use the Clearfield production system. Disease package: R for stem rust CDC Abound* 106 M G 81 63.0 Source: 2013-2015 CPS Local Performance Checks – 3 year summary; compilation of 59 locations and 176 replications *2015 Regional Variety Testing – Western Canada Aggregate Maturity: E = Early, M = Mid, L = Late | Lodging: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, VG = Very Good 16 “Progress through Research” symbolizes a plant variety protected by PBR. The Plant Breeders’ Rights logo is a registered trademark of the Canadian Seed Trade Association.