Nutrien Ag Solutions Seed Guide 2017 - Page 10

Proven Seed offers leading canola hybrids with the Clearfield® production system. Clearfield canola offers producers an option for the control of volunteer non-Clearfield canola, making it a good tool for rotation management. HYBRID DESCRIPTION YIELD PV 200 CL A high-yielding Clearfield hybrid that performs as well as the best in the industry but with the addition of an improved standability rating and non-GMO contract premium offerings. 111% of VR 9560 CL* VR 9560 CL A solid agronomic Clearfield hybrid that provides growers good yield and non-GMO premiums. 100% (CL check variety)* NEW XCEED® X122 CL Bred specifically for the brown and dark brown soil zones to better tolerate heat and drought. Consistent performance, reduced green seed, improved seed quality and higher yield potential. Improved pod shatter resistance for better straight-cut performance. 100% of VR 9560 CL* *Source: 2014-2015 CPS Local Performance Check – 22 locations, 32 trials, 64 replicates Yield stability Yield stability means more than bushels per acre and at CPS, our breeders are making it happen. For over 25 years, CPS canola breeders have been developing hybrids with attributes that are clearly important to western Canadian producers. Attributes like yield improvements, oil quality, disease resistance and harvestability. But just as importantly, CPS focuses on other factors that go into the production of an exceptional canola crop. Western Canada has a diverse range of growing conditions including soil type, climate, disease pressures and insect pressures. For a hybrid to be considered yield stable, CPS breeders have an expectation that the hybrid will perform consistently under a wide range of growing conditions. Hence, CPS is continuously looking for improvements in drought tolerance, frost tolerance, pest resistance and fertilizer and water use efficiency for the Proven Seed lineup. The search for these improvements begins with the parental lines, well before any crossing into hybrids happens. Stronger parents lead to yield stable hybrids. These attributes may have a relatively negligible effect on yield when considered on their own. However, cumulatively and under certain conditions, these same factors can significantly contribute to whether or not the plant reaches its full yield potential. That is what yield stability is, and that is what you will find behind every Proven Seed canola variety. 8 Clearfield® is a registered trademark of BASF. Pioneer ® and the trapezoid symbol are registered trademarks of Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.