Nursing in Practice March/April 2019 (issue 107) - Page 9

Proven, preferred & effective twice daily emollient Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel Isopropyl myristate 15% w/w, liquid paraffi n 15% w/w D O U BL E B A SE Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel has been shown DAYLEVE GEL to exhibit signifi cantly superior hydration EVIDENCE BAS compared to another prescribed emollient E cream (ZBC † ), when applied twice daily in subjects with atopic eczema. 2 In this double-blind, bi-lateral comparison when each emollient was applied twice daily for 5 days: • Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel was estimated to be approximately 10 times more hydrating than ZBC • The cumulative increase in skin hydration with ZBC was not statistically different from before treatment • Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel achieved substantial, long-lasting and cumulative skin hydration Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel provides an effective twice-a-day alternative for those patients who fi nd it diffi cult to adhere to a more frequent emollient routine. Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel is an enhanced, long-lasting emollient, containing 30% oils together with a high level of glycerol and the addition of the fi lm-forming agent povidone, making it a unique formulation with superior hydration. The hydration effects of different emollients, including Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel (DDG), E45* and CBC, ‡ were compared on ex-vivo human skin samples using corneometry, 1 following a single-application of each product. Corneometry readings were taken at baseline and repeated 1h, 4h, 8h and 24h after application. Latest evidence 100 Formulation DDG Formulation CBC 80 Formulation E45 untreated control 65 At least 12 hours protection from one LEVE-on application 1 n=18 patients randomised 55 45 35 60 25 40 0 Day 1 20 0 12 24 Day 2 36 48 Day 3 60 72 Day 4 84 96 Day 5 Hrs post baseline day 1 to 5 (measurements nominally at 9am, 1pm & 5pm) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 Time (hours) Comparative hydration levels of DDG, E45 and CBC (n=6) 22 DELP treated legs 24 • Skin hydration levels following application of Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel (DDG), were elevated by approximately 75% when measured 1h after application • After 24h, hydration levels were still approximately 30% higher than at baseline or 50% higher compared to untreated sites • In contrast, E45 and CBC showed very limited evidence of any improvement in skin hydration at any time, whether compared with baseline or untreated sites ZBC treated legs Note: Lines are joined for ease of viewing. Only the symbols show actual corneometry measurements Proven: When used twice daily, Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel achieved substantially better and longer-lasting skin hydration and was generally preferred by subjects when compared to a widely prescribed cream emollient (DIPC#). 3 Proven effi cacy if used only twice a day and preferred by patients, Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel can provide economical treatment, in both cost and time. Dermal provides an extensive support programme, designed to help support patients and healthcare professionals in the management of dry skin conditions. ™ Isopropyl myristate 15% w/w, liquid paraffi n 15% w/w. Uses: Long lasting, highly moisturising and protective hydrating gel for dry skin conditions. Directions: Adults, children and the elderly: Apply direct to dry skin morning and night, or as often as necessary. Contra-indications, warnings, side effects etc: Please refer to SPC for full details before prescribing. Do not use if sensitive to any of the ingredients. In the rare event of a reaction stop treatment. Care should be taken as emollients which soak into clothing, pyjamas, bedlinen etc. can increase the fl ammability of these items. Patients should avoid these materials coming into contact with naked fl ames or lit cigarettes etc. As a precaution, dressings and clothing, etc., should be changed frequently and laundered thoroughly. Package quantities, NHS prices and MA number: 100g tube £2.65, 500g pump dispenser £6.29, PL00173/0199. Legal category: P . MA holder: Dermal Laboratories, Tatmore Place, Gosmore, Hitchin, Herts, SG4 7QR, UK. Date of preparation: December 2017. ‘Doublebase’ and ‘Dayleve’ are trademarks. Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at . Adverse events should also be reported to Dermal. References: 1. Gallagher J., Rosher P., Novac O. & Antonijevic M. (2018). Skin hydration comparison of fi ve prescribed emollients. Data presented at the 2018 AAD Annual Meeting, February 2018, San Diego, USA. 2. Djokic-Gallagher J., Rosher P., Oliveira G. & Walker J. (2017). A Double-Blind, Randomised Study Comparing the Skin Hydration and Acceptability of Two Emollient Products in Atopic Eczema Patients with Dry Skin. Dermatology and Therapy, 7(3): 397-406. 3. Djokic-Gallagher J., Rosher P., Walker J., Sykes K. & Hart V. (2016). Emollient effi cacy and acceptability in the treatment of eczematous dry skin: A double-blind, randomised comparison of two UK-marketed products. Journal of Dermatological Treatment 2016 27(5):461-466. E45* = E45 Cream, a registered trademark of Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare; CBC ‡ = Cetraben ® Cream and ZBC † = Zerobase ® Emollient Cream registered trademarks 11mm of Thornton & Ross Ltd; DIPC# = Diprobase ® Cream Emollient registered trademark of Bayer plc. Doublebase Dayleve Gel