Nursing in Practice March/April 2019 (issue 107) - Page 30

30 PROFESSIONAL BEING A LEADER ON SOCIAL MEDIA Teresa Chinn looks at how social media can help you become a nurse leader A nursing leader is someone who has a clear vision to ultimately help provide the best care to the people we care for. Leadership in nursing can be a role where courage is often needed in abundance and a passion for nursing and compassionate care is key, but most importantly it’s a role that is diligently working to improve nursing and healthcare. In my own role, leading some 260,000 healthcare professionals in social media spaces with @WeNurses, @WeGPNs, @WeDistrictNurse (to name but a few of the WeCommunities on Twitter) leadership is a concept that is very much turned on its head. Leadership in social media works across the hierarchies of health and leaders often have no formal leadership role. Leaders in social media each take their turn at leading when the need arises and individuals each bring their unique skills to digital leadership challenges. March/April 2019 The following are good examples of nurse leaders. Heather Henry – (tweets as @HeatherHenry4) practising Queen’s Nurse and the former chair of the New NHS Alliance, Heather leads by sharing thoughts and actions on the development of primary and community nursing, and has a particular focus on general practice nursing. Heather shares amazing projects she is involved with, such as Dadly Does It, a community programme that fi nds ‘new ways to improve the wellbeing of disadvantaged fathers and to understand whether this can improve the wellbeing of their children’. Gill Boast – (tweets as @GillBoast) registered nurse, Queen’s Nurse and practice nurse lead, facilitator at NHS East Staffordshire CCG and @WeGPNs leader. Gill nurtures and encourages others at all levels. Sometimes she is happy to lead, sometimes she encourages others to lead and sometimes she follows. Gill is a brilliant example of the shift towards heterarachy and fl exible leadership in nursing. Dr Elaine Maxwell – (tweets as @maxwelle2) registered nurse and clinical adviser for the National Institute for Health Research. Dr Maxwell has a particular interest in workforce issues and quality improvement. She is a thought leader in nursing leadership and the use of evidence in nursing practice. Elaine uses her social media spaces to question nursing practice and to drive excellence in nursing. June Girvin – (tweets as @ProfJuneG) emeritus professor of nursing. June blogs and comments on nursing as Online Go online to read the full article nursingin