Nura Gili News Edition 28 - Page 8

Welcome Corinne! Nura Gili has welcomed its newest staff member, Corinne Payne, who has taken on the role of Unit Manager. Corinne was born in the UK, but she moved to Australia where she grew up in Canberra. After spending time in Arnhem Land, Corinne was adopted into a Yolngu family. Corinne sees her Yolngu family and Galpu Clan as an extension of her family and her Yolngu name is Rowu Gurruwiwi. Recently, Corinne and her husband, Mick, discovered that he and their son, Asher, are descendants of Peggy Lambert, a Wiradjuri woman who lived near Mudgee. Corinne studied at Charles Sturt University in both Wagga Wagga and Bathurst and completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Sociology and Marketing. She then went on to study at Charles Darwin University, completing her Postgraduate Degree in Indigenous Studies, specifically Yolngu Studies. Prior to gaining the position of Unit Manager at Nura Gili, Corinne worked in a number of managerial positions. For the past five years, Corinne has had the role of School Manager of The School of Mining Engineering at UNSW. Corinne has also previously worked as a Business Manager of a large ARC Linkage research project which involved looking at accelerating leadership development in managers. This gave Corinne the opportunity to work with organisations such as ABC, ANZ and Qantas. Corinne also worked as Project Manager of leadership development programs with AGSM Executive Programs. Although Corinne has only worked at Nura Gili for a short period of time, she believes that the staff and students are what make the Unit so special. Corinne also enjoys the “family vibe” of Nura Gili. “It’s really nice that everybody’s working towards a clear and common goal of supporting Indigenous students and Indigenous education,” she added. Corinne will be taking maternity leave at the beginning of June. We wish her the best of luck with the rest of her pregnancy and will see her return to Nura Gili in 2017! Date: 10th June Location: Sydney Opera House UNSW Indigenous Society goes to Bangarra’s Community Night Production of “OUR Land People Stories” Studying Indigenous Studies at Charles Darwin University and learning directly from her family on country has shaped Corinne’s deep respect for Indigenous history, culture, customs and circumstances. Witnessing the strong relationships between Indigenous people and their traditional land and waters has helped Corinne transition into her role at Nura Gili and has made her more passionate about supporting and furthering Indigenous education and participation. The role of Unit Manager involves Corinne managing the day-to-day operational side of the Unit which is everything from Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and the physical environment including Occupational Health & Safety. She also works with Nura Gili’s Director to provide strategic advice and planning and to build relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. 8 9 Ticket SPECIAL $15 by using promo code “STORIES” at: aspx?p=368 Facebook event: events/345279352263061/