Nura Gili News Edition 28 - Page 16

Alumni - Where Are They Now? Benjamin Eisikovich Where are you from/nation? Mob originated near Lightning Ridge – Kamilaroi. Help raise funds for the UNSW Indigenous University Games team to Congrats Scott! Congratulations to Scott Parlett who is officially a permanent member of the Nura Gili team! What degree did you study at UNSW? Bachelor of Commerce – Finance & Accounting. When did you graduate from UNSW? November of 2014. What are some of the achievements you have accomplished since graduating? Final year of my graduate program at Westpac, completing Professional Accounting Qualification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, New Zealand, Career Tracker alumnus and Facilitator of workshops for New Students and working on a new social enterprise so watch this space. What career are you currently in? Working as an accountant in the financial services sector with Westpac. What is your favourite memory from UNSW? If you could give current students one piece of advice, what would it be? Many of the new students might not know, but There are going to be times in life and your Nura Gili was not always located right in the degree where you feel like you can’t go on heart of the University. It used to be located in anymore. But you have to find something that a little house at the intersection of Botany St and High St. Every time you walked in there, all will keep you moving forward and give you that little boost to push you through today. Don’t fear the stresses of life would melt away. It felt like home and you knew when you opened that door failure as every successful person has failed at some point. Learn from your mistakes, never you would receive the spiritual and academic support you needed to get you through the next stop asking questions and I promise that this week. That culture is still present in the electrical part of your journey will be grand. engineering building and simple memories of conversations with staff or just chilling and having a yarn with my brothers and sisters on the lounges behind the bookshelf will always stay with me. 16 Scott was in a casual role as a Student Support Officer but recently secured the role permanently after his successful interview last Thursday. Scott is a valuable part of the Nura Gili team and is involved with many of Nura Gili’s programs such as Winter School, Indigenous Science and Engineering Program and the Pre-Programs. He is the resident computer expert and is the go-to man for all things college related, having assisted many students to find accommodation on campus. He also liaises regularly with Centrelink on behalf of Indigenous students. Scott is an important member of the Student Services team and is responsible for the maintaining and updating the Nura Gili website. As one of the Student Support Officers, Scott works closely with the Nura Gili students and assists with any student related matters from enrolling, to scholarship applications, referrals to other support services and accommodation and Centrelink support. Scott graduated from UNSW in 2010 with a Bachelor of Digital Media and a Masters of Indigenous Studies in 2012. He is due to graduate with a Diploma of Digital Media in two weeks. 17