Nura Gili News Edition 28 - Page 10

UNSW Indigenous Uni Games Team Each year, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tertiary students from all around Australia come together to compete in the National Indigenous Tertiary Education Student Games (NITESG). This year marks the 21st year of the games which are being hosted by the Australian Catholic University, Brisbane from June 26 - 30. The NITESG were established in 1996 by students at Wollotuka Institute at the University of Newcastle as part of a class project for the Diploma of Indigenous Studies. The first games hosted approximately 30 students and this year’s games are expecting over 400. The main objectives of the NITESG are to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture whilst also promoting unity, health, fitness and well-being, demonstrating self-determination, reinforcing identity and promoting successful and ongoing outcomes for Indigenous peoples. “Some of us have never played these sports, or only really know how to play one of them, so we’ve got to go back to basics and teach everyone the general rules, but it’s a good way to bond and to get to know your teammates.” - Monique Peachey, UNSW Indigenous Uni Games team member Furthermore, the team has now begun Wednesday morning training which is dedicated to pure fitness. So not only are they working to better their game, they are also focusing on their health and well-being. The NITESG are a significant event in the calendar of Indigenous students and the UNSW team are really looking forward to their trip: “This is my first time participating in the Games, its been a good experience working with the team already. I’ve heard so many stories from the students who have been before so I’m super excited” - Tehneya Deweerd, UNSW Indigenous Uni Games team member Whilst it is a sporting competition, to the participants it also serves as a meeting place which fosters new, and strengthens existing, academic and cultural links between Indigenous tertiary students from across Australia and further promotes Indigenous health and education for generations to come. The participants compete in four core sports: basketball, netball, touch football and volleyball, as well as a traditional Indigenous game from the host nation. The NITESG offer an opportunity to promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture in a positive light and each year the games receive increasing exposure in both mainstream and Indigenous media. Nura Gili, UNSW, are taking a team of 15 players to this year’s NITESG and have been hard at work training and fundraising to obtain the funds needed to get their team to Brisbane: “Being able to fundraise during the year allows us to come together as a team and promotes strong relationships between us and community.” - Kim Peckham, UNSW Indigenous Uni Games team member The team has been busy since the start of semester selling raffle tickets, 100 clubs, holding bake stalls and BBQs, hosting trivia nights and movie nights to ͥЁݥѠѡ́ѥ)̰Ʌ͙̰չɵ́ɕɅѥ)%ѥѼѡ̰ѡѕ́ɅٕMչ䁅́ݕ́5䁕ٕ́Ѽ)ɽٔѡȁͭ́ѡɔ̸(()U9M\)%́U)́ѕ)ݥѠUQL)UMe()1ЁMչ䰀5䰁ѡU9M\%́Uٕͥ́QUQLUMee)%́́Q́ȁ䁽ѥѥɅѥQ啐ɽչɽ屔)ѕЁͭщщٽ剅U9M\х啐չѕ䁅݅)ݥѠͽɕ䁍٥ݥ̰ѥձȁͭщݡɔѡ䁑ѕUQL䁽ٕȀ)̸QхɅЁ5ٕ́ͅ役啐ݕЁɕЁ胊qQɗe)ѕѥͽѡ́ݔɽٔЁٕɅЁ݅́ɕЁ䁅ٕ役)ɕݕt)Qѕѥٔ܁ݕ́ɔѡ䁱ٔɔѼ͔ѡȁɅ͕ͥ)ѼݽɬѡȁѕݽɬՍɔQ䁅ɔ݅ɐѼѥѼ ɥ͉)ѥЁѡȁ%́չՑ̸)U9M\%́́QݽձѼѡѡȁȁͽȁeձչɥ)ՍѥQɅUЁЁɄQMѥͼ́ѼɌU9M\ȁѡ)ɥѥ̸QݽձͼѼѡ é MЀQ ) ́Iݥ չ(((0