Nura Gili News Edition 27 - Page 8

Sponsors Event you that peace of mind and therefore empowers you to achieve your goals, it motivates you and inspires you.” Nura Gili recently hosted an event run by UNSW Foundations to celebrate the achievements of scholarship recipients and to thank the many wonderful donors of scholarships for Indigenous students at UNSW. The second speaker for the evening was Noah Bedford, a 2nd year Arts/Law student who comes from Coffs Harbour, NSW and is a recipient of the ITNewcom Scholarship. Noah participated in the UNSW Indigenous Pre-Law Program in 2013 and was made an offer to UNSW for 2014. However, he was worried about being able to afford the costs of relocating to Sydney, so when he heard about the ITNewcom Scholarship, he knew he had to apply, and submitting that application is the reason he is here today. Noah thanked Nura Gili and the ITNewcom Foundation for their support which allows him to thrive throughout his education at UNSW. This is a significant event on the NG calendar because it is an opportunity not only for students to meet the donors of their respective scholarships, but also for the donors to hear firsthand what an impact their support has on the students and their studies. For many students the scholarship is the difference between them succeeding at uni and dropping out. The value of scholarships can sometimes be underestimated, but for most the impact is priceless because scholarships take away financial pressure faced by students and allows them to focus on their studies. importance of closing the gap and how moving forward, initiatives like scholarships can help us do that as long as we are all working together. April is currently the General Manager of Enterprises and Programs at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence in Redfern. She has also been recognised as one of Australia’s top 100 women of influence and was nominated as a finalist in the 2014 Telstra Business Women’s Awards for Young Business Woman of the Year. “I think that it is important that we view Indigenous scholarships as a hand up, not a hand out.” The Master of Ceremonie’s for the event was first year Medicine student and Balnaves scholarship recipient Ben Jones who comes from Brewarrina, NSW. He spoke briefly of his experience at UNSW and how much the scholarship has assisted him. He also thanked his donors for their significant support. Noah told the audience: “One of my proudest moments was when my family attended the launch of the ITNewcom scholarship foundation and I witnessed the support system that got me through high school coming together with the support system that will get me through university.” The first speaker for the evening was Torres Strait Islander woman Ruth Saveka. Ruth is a 2nd year Fine Arts student who comes from Cairns, North Qld and is a recipient of a Mary Mackillop scholarship. During her speech, she highlighted that scholarships are just as beneficial for mature aged students as they are for students straight out of high school. “To be a recipient of the Mary MacKillop Foundation Scholarship is truly a privilege and honour... A scholarship gives The final speaker for the evening was UNSW Indigenous Alumni April Long who graduated from UNSW in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws. During her time as a student, she was the recipient of the Maree Swan Scholarship for Women. April spoke of not only the financial gain this scholarship provided her but also the motivation it gave her to do well academically. She said it really meant a lot to her to be successful not just for herself, but also for the Swan family who gave her this opportunity and believed in her, so she wanted to repay them. April also highlighted the April Long (far right) pictured with current UNSW Indigenous students Jess Kitch, Aaron Lowth, Moana Prescott and Jason O’Neil 8 Ben Jones: Emcee for the evening and recipient of Balnaves Scholarship Noah Bedford with Cathy Welsh from ITNewcom Foundation. Ruth Saveka (second from right), pictured with fellow Indigenous students Daen Phillips and Cameron Howe, and Nura Gili staff Rebekah Torrens and India Forbes Corey Williams (right) recipient of the Fred Hollows Foundation Indigenous Medical \\ X\Y]\\\^[^H\[ۈ[Z\]Y\Z[K[ۙ]XHS[[\X܂وHY[][ۂB