Nura Gili News Edition 27 - Page 4

UNSW Indigenous Society Update INVASION not “settlement” Banner Drop and Speak Out “UNSW, Writing the TRUE History, White Australia has a Black History”. On March 30, the Daily Telegraph accused UNSW of ‘re-writing history’ through its implementation of the UNSW Diversity Toolkit. The article discussed the UNSW Diversity Toolkit and how it outlines the appropriate terminology that staff and students should adopt when referring to Indigenous Australia. Officer), Warren Roberts (CEO YARN Australia), Uncle Graham Mooney (Elder) and Dominic Wy Kanak (Local Council Member). An open letter to the Daily Telegraph (see next page) was written by UNSW students in response to the news article. As a result, these events provoked media interest, with The article explained that UNSW students and Bridget Cama, the UNSW Indigenous Officer, staff should use the word ‘invasion’ when being contacted and interviewed by 2GB, Nine referring to the British arrival. However, the Daily News and Koori Radio, along with a UTS media Telegraph argued that it was a British student. ‘settlement’ that occurred. The racist article outraged both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Thank you to all of the students and staff who students of UNSW and also angered other contributed to the event’s success, including the universities. UNSW SRC, for bookings and standing in solidarity, to those who cooked the fundraiser On April 14, the UNSW Indigenous Collective BBQ and Kyana Hubbard and Scott Partlett for held a ‘banner drop’ and ‘speak out’. This photographing the event. Also, a special thank involved a banner being hung from UNSW’s you to the Indigenous collective members who John Niland Scientia building, with the words helped in the making and dropping of the banner “UNSW, Writing the TRUE History, White – Teeyanna Tapim-Savage, Nataya Ritchie Australia has a Black History” written on it. A Currie, Tamara Kenny, Desiree Leha, Celine BBQ was also held on the Globe Lawn. The Heron and Benjamin Dennison. event was successful with approximately 60-100 people passing through the ‘speak out’ For more information about the UNSW Diversity and banner drop. There was support from staff ToolKit and the appropriate terminology regardand students of Nura Gili, as well as ing Indigenous Australian People, please follow non-Indigenous students of UNSW. Speakers this link: Bridget Cama (UNSW Indigenous nous-terminology If you would like to get involved or ha