Nura Gili News Edition 27 - Page 16

Alumni - Where Are They Now? Brendan Phillips Where are you from/nation? I am a proud Gumbayngirr man with TSI heritage too. My Mum’s father was a TSI man from Hammond Island and my Dad’s family is Gumbayngirr. What degree did you study at UNSW? I studied a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery. When did you graduate from UNSW? I graduated in 2015, only 5 months ago! What are some of the achievements you have accomplished since graduating? a) Find yourself a good mentor. Find someone who has gone before you and is in a place that you hope to be. A good mentor is one who is happy to take you under his or her wing and give you some guiding advice Trivia Night b) Balance is essential. Leisure and hobbies are just as important as your studies. Make sure that you make some time for other pursuits beyond your studies. c) Don’t leave everything to the last minute! It’s really tempting and easy to delay things to the last minute, but try to keep on top of things throughout the semester so that it doesn’t build up and get too much for you to handle. Having graduated so recently my list of accomplishments is pretty light on, but I’ve started my internship at Nepean Hospital. I’m into the second term of my internship, doing a Respiratory term for another eight weeks before I start in the Emergency Department. Friday 13th May 2016 What career are you currently in? Doors open 6pm I am a junior medical officer at Nepean Hospital. What is your favourite memory from UNSW? UNSW Roundhouse Beer Garden Tickets available from Nura Gili or at the door for $15 My best memories of UNSW technically happened before I was even enrolled. The Pre-Medicine program was by far the best memory I made at UNSW. Being able to spend time with other young Goori people in other faculties was fun and some of the friendships I made will last a lifetime. I also got to meet some of the staff from Nura Gili and other Goori academics and they acted as role models for me to emulate. y b d e t s o H l l o r r a C e Luk If you could give current students one piece of advice, what would it be? Help raise funds for the UNSW Indigenous University Games team to compete in Brisbane in June. The best advice I could give to current students is: 16 17