Nura Gili News Edition 27 - Page 14

First Year Profile: Kyarna Hubbard Where are you from? I am a Wardaman/Wagadagam woman born and raised in Darwin, Northern Territory. What are you studying? I am studying a Bachelor of Social Work/Arts and I’m majoring in Indigenous Studies. Why did you choose UNSW? I chose UNSW because it is internationally renowned and it has a top social science faculty. I also saw UNSW as an opportunity to get out of the Northern Territory and to challenge myself. What role does Nura Gili play in your life as a student at UNSW? Final Year Profile: Bek Hatfield What plans do you have for your future career? I believe that when you are defending a young person in the courtroom the battle is already lost. My goal is to go back home to the NT and work with young adults and in particular young men in regional and remote communities to increase opportunities and positive outcome to prevent them ending up in the juvenile justice system. What advice can you offer anyone considering studying at UNSW? My advice to anybody wanting to study at UNSW is to just go for it! Get your applications in, get your accommodation sorted as early as you can, get involved in groups and activities and remember to stay focused. Nura Gili offers me a network of support whilst studying and a space where I can connect with other Indigenous students. Where are you from? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I’m from Grafton, northern NSW, but my family is from Tweed Heads. I’m a Bundjalung woman but also have connections to both Darumbal and Wiradjuri nations. I hopefully will be running my own organisation and giving a platform to other Indigenous women. Ideally, I want to create more opportunities for young Indigenous women to express their opinions. vB&RR7GVGs( גfV"7GVGr&6V"`VF6V6F2BW&Ɨ6ҒࠥvBGf6R6RffW"P66FW&r7GVGrBT5sFRGf6RvVBvfR2FBB2&vBF@vB&RW"2f"vVPrvBRvBFF&V6W6RRvw&GVFSF66fW"FB7FF( BrW7Fǒv@vB'WB( v&BWBN( 26'FBFRFvFW&Ɨ6'WBWfVGVǐ&RVF'GVFW2FB&PvVBƖRFv&f"ח6VbBF&P&W6VFVBFR6vWBWBbW"6f'@g&VV6R7GVfbƖRF7VVF'rRFF6RWG&7W'&7V"Fw0g&VV6Rw&FrVFFr7GVfb&V6W6RFW( &Rw&VBf"W"FWfVVB6b6VR62RF7BWfVBFvBFW2W&vƒVFSBb6VR62RFFFW'fWrFB6fRFR&vB6'BbVR&V@W7FǒF( BFvVBfRFRBF2RvfRFR6Rv22R6Pf"vFWBFR7W'BbW&vƒBǒFR6VWV6FW"FfFVBBf7W6V@7FGWFBǒFR7FfbBFR&w&2F&VvWBFRV'2FR&Gbג66P'WB6גfVr7GVFVG2vfR7&VFV@g&VG2&RT5r7GVFVG2"w&GVFW3FW 6VGW&Rf"Rvg&R6Vr&FW2vVvV6W&vRP6rFBFWVBW&vƒF&V6גgVFVF&&&ǒ&Vw&GVFr@P