Nura Gili News Edition 26 Apr. 2016 - Page 8

New Staff Members In this month’s edition of the Nura Gili News, we welcome three of Nura Gili’s newest staff members, Dr. Virginia Watson, Erin Tsukamoto and Frances Zahra. Erin Tsukamoto Student Academic Support Officer Dr. Virginia Watson Academic Co-ordinator Dr. Virginia Watson grew up in New Zealand, where she initially gained an interest in Indigenous Studies. During both Primary School and High School, she had the opportunity to learn some of the basics of Maori language and embrace the local Maori culture. in these courses. She also has responsibility for the day to day administration of Indigenous Studies – attending meetings, ensuring the documentation for courses reflects Nura Gili and UNSW objectives. Although Virginia has only worked at Nura Gili for a short period of time, she enjoys the challenge of analysing the strengths of courses, and the ways in which these can be better developed to both appeal to students and meet their needs for academic and professional education. Virginia also finds her tutorials to be one of the most rewarding experiences of her job at UNSW. She believes that Indigenous students can benefit from enrolling in Indigenous Studies courses. The content of the courses can help students develop a critical body of knowledge that can inform new understandings of both their own individual and family biographies, as well as the historical and contemporary experiences of Indigenous people and the place of Indigenous issues in this country. Vir