Nura Gili News Edition 26 Apr. 2016 - Page 16

Alumni - Where Are They Now? Lowanna Moran Where are you from? What is your favorite memory from UNSW? I am a Mudawarri and Gamillaroi woman. My grandmother comes from the Mudawarri nation and my grandfather comes from the Gamillaroi nation. Attending the Nura Gili centre and the events hosted by Nura Gili. Nura Gili provides students with a real sense of community, I always felt a sense of belonging at the centre and it was always a great place to visit. I also enjoyed being a staff member for Nura Gili; it was such a great experience to travel and promote the university as an ambassador. Another valued experience was the two years that I supervised on the Winter School program; it was amazing being a leader and a role model to the Winter School students. What degree did you study at UNSW? Bachelor of Art Education When did you graduate from UNSW? 2014 What are some of the achievements you have accomplished since graduating? I am currently a full time visual arts teacher for the Department of Education. I am the first Indigenous student to graduate from the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF). I fulfilled all of their outcomes by completing secondary and tertiary schooling. What career are you currently in? If you could give current students one piece of advice, what would it be? Be resilient and organized in your approach to study. Most importantly don’t be scared to ask for help in times of need. As Indigenous students we face many disadvantageslaces and places like Nura Gili exist to help you in your journey so don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Always live by the motto that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Teaching. Lowanna guest speaking at 2014 Pre-Programs Graduation 16 Liam Ridgeway: Where Culture & Economics Meet My name is Liam Ridgeway, I am a Gumbaynggirr man from North Coast of NSW on my Dad’s side and Wakka Wakka of mid-east Queensland on my Mum’s side. I work at Nura Gili as a Student Support Officer and have been in this role since early 2015. I recently married my now wife, Dina Saulo, in a traditional Papua New Guinean wedding. Dina’s Dad’s people are from Lafu Village in New Ireland Province of PNG and her Mum’s people are Aboriginal, from the Wergaia Nation in Western Victoria. Dina and I met at University in 2003 and after a long time decided to tie the knot. The wedding was an amazing experience and we had about forty family and friends travel from Australia and then about eight hundred family, friends and guests from New manager in his own field and I guess him having Ireland, New Hanover and other parts of PNG. that success always made me believe that this would be the path that I too would lead. The wedding consisted of four parts; the first part was my naming ceremony where I was When I graduated from University, I only had a given a skin name from the Mangatarian clan. minor understanding of the direction that I Then the traditional wedding ceremony where wanted to take my career, the two things that I there is an exchange of food, pigs, shell money did know is that I wanted to do a marketing role and local currency. This is then followed by a and that I wanted the company that I worked for western ring ceremony and finally a number of to be a well-known brand. I guess when you are traditional performances by different clans from young and just out of university, and without a New Ireland, New Hanover and New Britain. life plan (or at least a five year plan) you are really trying to compete to get into a graduate I graduated from a Bachelor of Business in 2006 role at a well-known company and try to out-do from UTS, Sydney. My interest in studying a your peers and classmates. Bachelor of Business was based on two things; the first being that I enjoyed Business Studies The first step of my journey after university and in high school and the other was that I believed what I though was right at the time was to work that by studying business at University it would out what my strategy and execution plan would allow me to keep my options open when it came be to get in front of a great employer and to career pathways and future opportunities. impress them. When I reflect on this, I can really say that I was just trying to aim high but really I majored in Marketing and Management had very little idea what to do, where to go or because of an intrigue and curiosity that I had in even how to start. The most important thing I wanting to understand how to influence learnt here was that even if I don’t know what I consumers at a conscious and subconscious want to do or how to do it I must just start doing level. From a more simplistic perspective, I and exploring and I will find my path as I majored in management because I wanted to be progress. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to a leader and manage a team of people. I think achieve any progress if I didn’t start to seek and that I got this drive from my father, ever since I explore opportunities. From here I began can remember he has been a leader and applying directly into graduate programs from 17