Nura Gili News Edition 26 Apr. 2016 - Page 14

First Year Profile: Daen Phillips Where are you from? strive ahead in life and pave a pathway for them I am a Kamilaroi and Yorta Yorta boy. I was born so they too can reach their desired goals. I want in Penrith but raised in Woolloomooloo. to be a role model for my younger cousins so they can go to university and gain a tertiary What are you studying? education. I study a Bachelor of Commerce, however, I am Being a first year is challenging, what kind hoping to combine my degree with Law after of support is availble to you and why is this this year. important? Why did you choose UNSW? The support is absolutely amazing and all of the staff are genuinely great people who love to help you when you’re in need. Not only that, but UNSW offers one of the best commerce degrees in Australia and is ranked 12th in the world (above Yale in the United States!) What role does Nura GIli play in your life as a student? Nura Gili is practically another family and they always have their door open. They are always happy to help in many different ways, whether it’s just advice, support for assignments or just getting a mad feed! It is because of these things that Nura Gili has had a huge impact in helping me strive ahead and reach my goals. What plans do you have for the future? I plan to act as a catalyst for all of my mob to Nura Gili offers the best support to students than any other place I’ve been to. This includes the ITP tutoring which allows each Indigenous student two hours private tutoring each week for every subject they do. As a first year, it’s amazing to interact with the tutors who offer such great advice on studying. Not only this, the ITP tutoring is such a great initiative as it allows me to get a better and deeper understanding of concepts that were difficult to understand in class. I highly reccommend taking advantage of such a great program! What advice can you offer anyone considering studying at UNSW? If you can - DO THE PRE-PROGRAM!!! It is amazing. You will get to meet lifelong friends as well as study in a faculty you have a passion for and once completed, you have the opportunity to be offered a place in your chosen faculty. Take full advantage of this - it is definitely worth the four weeks!! Final Year Profile: Jessica Russ-Smith Where are you from? I am a Wiradjuri woman from central New South Wales and my family is originally from the Wellington and Dubbo area. What are you studying? I am studying a Bachelor of Social Work with a selected Honours component. I am from the old Social Work degree. What year of your degree are you in? I am in my final year and the Honors component is an extra six months on top of the four-year Bachelor. What are your plans after graduation? I plan to continue teaching in Social Work and I’m also really keen to get back into working in the community in domestic and family violence, which is my other interest area. I am excited to jump straight into the Social Work field and start helping people find empowerment. Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years? What does Nura Gili mean to you? What advice can you offer Indigenous students who are considering studying at UNSW? Nura Gili to me is really special. It is about family and opportunity. I was an Alternative Admissions student through Nura Gili, and without that opportunity I don’t think I would’ve been able to get into uni or have the journey I’ve had at uni. Throughout the years I’ve had some challenges arise, just as everyone does, and they’ve been a continuous support and community for me throughout it and I’m just really grateful for it. Daen Phillips (right) with Cameron Howe, first year Commerce student. 14 In 10 years I hope to continue teaching in Social Work and I would love to complete my PhD to continue on from my Honours thesis about Aboriginal identity and certificates. Never forget that you deserve a higher education and to embrace your resources around you and your support systems, like Nura Gili, because if you really embrace all of those supports you will transform into this incredible student with confidence and you