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Artikel/article CHIC ANTIQUE VANCE KITIRA IB LAURSEN SILKEBORG ULDSPINDERI BROSTE HÜBSCH ALLY DESIGN C'EST BON stand out from delicate, dusty and mellow draws inspiration from the raw nature of used tone-on-tone or mixed with blue co- The joy of colours is back and colours. colours, burnt orange tones and a warm tones, reflects an optimism in the market. Spring/Summer 2018 will feature many more colours, patterns and new colour combinations. Many designs focus on new details and functionalities, while motifs and decorations start to play a more promi- nent role. The style is either rustic or maritime and 34 | ISSUE NO 01 JAN./FEB. 2018 | BOLIGBRANCHEN. the North Sea or a more feminine, soft and detailed look with strong focus on texture Leaves remain an essential print motif thanks to a continued interest in nature and health. Indoor plants in our homes make for a warm and cosy atmosphere, and the plants is complemented by graphical motifs of plants and leaves on wallpapers, cushions and decorative items. Greens are lours inspired by the sky and the ocean. We will also see a range of neutral earth yellow. Eye-catching reds add a warm look and a bit of an edge in Spring/Summer 2018. Red is also currently a big colour in fashion. Elegance and femininity Another new trend is a feminine and ele-