NU Formland - Read all about the Nordic design community no. 2 2015 / August 2015 - Page 83

D INTERIOR – UPFRONT Trendsetting innovative new products. Original trendsetting design. First movers with a vision. Design at its best. D INTERIOR – GALLERY Graphic art and crafts & ceramics. The art of living with art. A melting pot of inspiring exhibitions. Original graphic art by artists with design school backgrounds. Unique illustrations, collages and prints. Photo art and typography. Handicrafts and ceramics balcony. Decoration and a creative "hands on" approach, indoors and out. Plant tables, scented candles, pots, vases, ribbons and decorative materials. Nordic Buzz: Area with creative entrepreneurs from Scandinavia divided into the following categories: Interior & Furniture; Design crafts & Living products, Fashion, Accessories & Jewellery, Graphic, Artwork & Industrial design. in a creative gallery atmosphere. F FOOD D INTERIOR – MODERN to share their knowledge and passion for Established modern design. Lovely products for today. A modern mix of colours and form. Humour and decorative gadgets. Good taste and good design. E BLOOM/INTERIOR Nature as the focal point – floral decora- Trendy market hall featuring new and unique taste experiences. Cosy market- place with a focus on special and unique delicacies. Skilled professionals who love food. Selection of chocolate, candy, wine, beer, delicacies, coffee, oil and more – foods from around the world. High quality gourmet gifts. Gear & supplies. tion, garden decoration. True joy from H INTERIOR – DECOR FASHION sprouts and grows. Flowers and plants in Creative "do-it-yourself" homes with femi- flowers and plants. Beautiful and evocative decorations. Garden life, barbecue, green fingers – it the garden, in the living room and on the Nostalgic, Nordic country style. Seasonal decor and inspiration for home styling. Cosy and charming with personal details. nine and beautiful finds. Romantic timeless mansion/villa style. New Vintage and natural materials. Atmosphere with harmonic and subdued shades. Well-being. News of the season within clothes and accessories. J INTERIOR – ATELIER Multi-ethnic crafts sampled with Neo-­ Nordic Design. Artistic and culturally i ­ nterested Nordic Nomad. RAW recycling – rustic Trash de Lux. Art with an edge, sculptures and collectibles from around the world. A global blend of interesting and personal items in a modern perspective. Fair Trade meets Factory. Modern urban nomad. K LIGHT/INTERIOR News within lighting. Home lighting. Functionality within lighting. Lighting in stores. Pendants, spots and other light sources. Branding Expo News: A branding area within the fields of profiling, promotion and gifts. L TABLETOP Quality kitchenware and utensils for cooking as well as attractive and functional d ­ esign for perfect table arrangements. BOLIGBRANCHEN. / ISSUE NO 02 AUGUST 2015 / 83